Sunday, October 26, 2008

falling for fall

this weekend was absolutely beautiful. jay had to work some overtime in order to wrap up a project so we headed to the lakehouse once he was done on saturday afternoon. the weather was wonderful with the temperature around mid-70s. we decided to bring up the 4wheeler and enjoy cruising around through the back roads and trails. the cool crisp air felt amazing on our faces, and the foliage on the trees was breathtaking.
we drove around for hours just taking in the scenery. the mabster rode upfront while helping daddy drive, and i just latched on behind jay, "oooh'ing and ahh'ing" at everything. i'm a country girl at heart "ya'll," i just can't help it. if it's outdoors, i'm game. also, as we would ride around, the mabster kept saying, "i like daddy's bike." sweet mess.the mabster was loving every second of it until nap time came around of course. i think the hum of the motor and the slight bumpiness of the road almost put her to sleep. we decided to drop her off at the lakehouse so that she could enjoy nap time with her baby sister. lola and pawpaw were there watching football all day so we knew they were in safe hands. the only thing we worried about was if they would sleep through lola's cheering. surprisingly, the girls off we went to enjoy another one of jay's hobbies...shooting his bow and arrows. we drove up to the farmhouse (this is where my mamaw leaves), and he played around for a bit. we kept placing bets on which corner of his shooting block he would hit. i think i owe him a few things. guess i'll just add it to the list that he is still waiting to collect on, huh?later that night, we took pics of baby carson (my nephew) and baby lyla together. they are 3 months apart so it was fun and exciting placing them two beside each other. also, pawpaw wanted a picture of him with his grandkids as the wallpaper on his cell phone so of course, we delivered. it was pretty funny piling up all the kids on him.lastly, we love when we can hang out at the lakehouse with family, especially during football season. see my parents are die-hard auburn fans and do not miss a game (home or away). so since we knew auburn didn't play this weekend, going to the lake was a given. in fact, they are taking the mabster to auburn's homecoming in a couple of weeks. it will be her first game with them... for auburn's sake, let's just hope we win our own homecoming. hehe. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!


K-Mom said...

OOOOHH! Do you think Jay would show me how to use that bow and arrow thingy? I've always wanted to learn archery!

Looks like a lot of fun! Fall is my favorite time of year, too!

Kim said...

jay said that it's a 60 lb. pull string to pull back the bow. i am a poon and can't pull it back no matter how hard i try! but he said he's willing to teach you...just don't get offended if you catch him chuckling behind your back. he does it to me all the time!

Yankee Belle said...

I want on the 4 wheeler.

Kim said...

the 4wheeler is all yours...we could do some serious damage on that thing! lol