Wednesday, October 22, 2008

happy 1 year with the MLOB!

so i was browsing through my calendar from last year when i realized that today marked a very special time in my life. it was the day i made the decision to join the "moms league of birmingham," also known as TBDMGE (the best damn mom's group evah). i remember it like it was yesterday. my first meet up was at the monthly birthday bash at chuck-e-cheese. i was SO nervous which was very much unlike me. i had no idea what to expect. i was worried that i would approach all the wrong people and look like an idiot aimlessly running around while trying to introduce myself to the head organizer, i'm a mom. finally i made contact with her. she made me feel at ease and told me about the group, their events, so on and so forth. i also remember her telling me that the reason they wanted to meet me before they could approve me into the group was to make sure i was not "chester the molester" and after their kids. she made me laugh and feel so comfortable. i thought, "this girl is cool. thank god we are on the same page." we introduced our kids to each other, and at that time, we both only had one.

then i'm a mom pointed me to the direction of yankee belle. she told me that she was from gardendale too and that we should talk. yankee belle was at the drink machine refilling her cup. i looked at her from afar and sized her up. i still remember exactly what she was wearing. i'm observant like that. she was wearing green and white gingham capri pants with a white shirt, and my first though was, "she's trendy and from g'dale!? sweet." then we started talking about our local parks and how one smelled like a cat's litter box, but the other new one was fantastic. she laughed that signature laugh of hers, and i fell in love.

driving home that day after meeting everyone not only for me, but more importantly for the mabster, i felt fabulous. it's kinda weird saying this, but for once i felt like my purpose was being fulfilled. for you see, the mabster was just a little over a year old, and we were the first of all of our friends to start raising a family. the mabster had absolutely no playmates what-so-ever, and as she got older i knew she would need her play time with friends more than i would. she wasn't in daycare or any sort of MDO program so she wasn't learning social skills such as sharing, talking, playing, etc. from anyone but me...and well, i can be pretty boring.

furthermore, hubby had always encouraged me to join a mom's group, but i was unaware that they even existed. i knew how blessed and lucky i was to even have the option to be a stay-at-home-mom. if hubby was going to bust his ass at work every day so that i could have that option, then i in return was going to do all that i can to make sure that my kid was going to be a well-rounded, social, respectable individual. from day one, it's always been all about the kids. i believe that if the kid is happy, the parents are happy. so this is why i feel like my purpose is finally being fulfilled. the mabster needed this group, and so did we. she has met some great friends and will spit their names off any time you ask.

so here's to you MLOB, thank you for making the last year of our life the best one yet! not only have the mabster and the grunt made some wonderful experiences with some awesome friends, but so have we...lifelong friends. friends you can't get rid of, even if you tried. also, thank you for getting my boring ass out of my house and making me an AO (assistant organizer) so that i can help plan festivities for everyone to enjoy. i don't know what i would have done within the past year without this group and the women and kids in it. i'd probably already be locked in a padded room from having no source of outlet in my life...and that's just sad.


Becca said...

yea MLOB! :)

I'm so glad we are all here in the same group! :)

Seis said...

I can't believe we started at the same time. I thought you were an old pro. Funny huh? maybe I always just feel awkward and wierd

Yankee Belle said...

UM - you left out when I claimed you as my best friend. Thank GOD i got lucky. How do you retract being best friends?!!!! xoxo