Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween!

this year for halloween, we had a very fun-filled night. like always, everything felt like a rush from here to there, but it was totally worth it. we started the night off trick-or-treating with some friends in homewood. all of the kids looked super cute in their costumes, as well as the parents. the grunt was dressed up in her black kitty cat outfit while the mabster was dressed up as princess belle.i really wanted to sport my new NKOTB t-shirt so i got the idea to dress up super tacky, 80's style, and go as a NKOTB groupie. i wore pink and green legwarmers with matching neon colored jewelry, a jean skirt and headband, blue eyeshadow and yes, i even crimped my hair. i honestly didn't think any place would still sell one, but alas, sally's beauty salon does! i was stoked. YB was my fellow NKOTB groupie, and we were rockin' it...jay and mitchelle dressed up as drunk fratastic frat boys. they wore their pi kapp jerseys from back in the day with some added flair for the full effect. jay wore the mabster's tutu around his waist along with her pink arm floaties. mitchelle fluffed up his outfit with some thongs and condoms dangling from his pants along with a jester's hat. basically, they were themselves 10 years ago, and loving every second of it. the best thing about that though is that they both really ARE true pi kapp brothers...just another common bond that they share that makes them love each other more.all the kids were having a great time trick-or-treating from house to house. we piled them all in wagons and strolled them around all night. i think the daddies enjoyed lugging the wagons around especially the one that contained the party ball of bud light in it. it was covered by a blanket, but every 5 minutes, someone would bend over, pull it off while acting like they're talking to a kid, but instead they were pouring themselves another was trick-or-treating at a whole nother level. we just didn't want to get dehydrated that's all.oh, and the mabster had princess privileges thanks to daddy. he'd stroll her around and then drop her off curbside from house to house. he was her peasant and provided all her services. that's okay though because the mabster would reward him with a snickers bar every now and then so he didn't seem to mind.after the mabster racked up on some yummy candy, we left to make it in time for my older sister karmie's halloween party at her house. we had some miscommunication problems with our babysitter that night so we decided to take the girls with us. the mabster was hyper from all the candy she had eaten all day and was wide awake. it ended up working out really well because alot of our college friends haven't seen the mabster and grunt in awhile so they were excited to see them. later, the mabster laid down and watched cartoons while baby sister slept in tita karmie's room while we socialized for a bit. it was good seeing everyone again especially the girls. karla and i got to catch up with everyone and it felt great.overall, it was a very fun and eventful night. thank god i had nothing to do on saturday, but watch the girls at home while hubby went to a jui jitsu seminar all day. i was wore out. halloween with kids is super fun...but also super exhausting. at least all that sugar gets you high enough to keep going. but i'll be honest, i am done with chocolate. done!


Yankee Belle said...

To my BFF NKOTB friend...I *heart* you! We make quite a team!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bring the chocolate to my house! :)
Love ya, Tita Karla

Kim said...

indeed we do, my yankee belle!

and karla maria, i'd send you some chocolate, but the mabster has already eaten it...she's bouncing off the walls today! =P