Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my sponge

the mabster is a sponge right now. everything i say, she just soaks it right up and then uses it later during the perfect situation. i love it. "the terrible two's" are just that, but it is also a time when her fun sweet personality really comes to surface too. for example, ever since the mabster was a baby, i'd call her "abbybug." now i catch myself calling the grunt, "lylabug." i don't know why, but it just seems to roll off my tongue. well obviously the mabster has taken up with this because now if she really wants something from jay and i, she will call out "daddybug" or "mommybug." i think she thinks it's just another term for endearment like "honey" or "sweetie" not a nickname. it's cute.

another example of her sponge-like tendencies are when she acts like she's reading a book to herself. she'll read it out loud, and then ask herself something as if i am reading it to her. she goes like this... "blah, blah, blah, what's that? a sheep. what's that? a kitty cat, meow. who's that? pawpaw." it's pretty funny.

lastly though, my favorite is this one. when the grunt cries, the mabster goes running to her, puts her binkie back in her mouth and says, "ohhhh, i know." holycrap. those are MY words. she is reciting my comfort sentence to her baby sister. guess it's time to seriously start worrying about what comes out of my mouth, huh?