Sunday, October 26, 2008

the pumpkin patch

as we drove home on sunday afternoon, we decided to stop by the great pumpkin patch in hayden. it is on the way home, and for years, we have always enjoyed this pumpkin patch. we took some silly pictures, ate funnel cake (yes, even jaydoug cheated on his diet and had a couple of bites), and just watched the kids dance on the platform. we went with my twinkie, her hubby tre, and baby carson. it was funny watching karla run away from all the yellow jackets there. let's just say that we didn't feel like sharing our funnel cakes, and they didn't feel like leaving us alone. i'm just glad no one got stung. karla swore that it was because we saw the movie the secret life of bees, and knew not to swat at them. ha! she's such a dork, god love her! :)LOOK AT THE GRUNT'S CHEEKS. . .I COULD JUST KISS A HOLE THROUGH THEM!!!


Anonymous said...

great pictures guys! love the one of you all behind the cut out thing! too darn cute!


Kim said...

yes, taking that one was fun. you can barely see the mabster, and all you can see from the grunt are those cheeks! thanks amy!