Tuesday, October 14, 2008


so here we go...i got tagged by the wonderful k-mom. the rules, as i understand them, are to go into your "pictures" file and download the 6th picture in the 6th folder. so that i did. i should have known it'd be a lake/lakehouse pic because honestly, i have 50 million of them. but here it is.

it's a picture of the mabster with her tita karmie (my older sister) fighting over a bag of powdered doughnuts while at the lakehouse. i think this was taken about a year and a half ago which makes the mabster around 7-8 months old. notice the powdery goodness all over their mouths. i almost forgot about this funny pic.

the rules also state that i'm supposed to tag six other people to do the same, so i will tag the following who have not already been tagged and in no certain order:
1. momma drool
2. momma peas
3. toddler times
4. aubiegirl
5. my2suns
6. hear, their, everywear


K-Mom said...

Look at how little the Mabster is!!

And powdered sugar?!? Angel dust is the more accurate word for it's sugary goodness.

Great picture!