Monday, October 20, 2008


just got in from seeing the movie, "the secret life of bees" with i'm a mom and yankee belle, and it was wonderful. it was honestly the best movie i've seen in awhile. just warning you guys though that if you go, be sure to bring a box of kleenex. two boxes in fact. it will make you cry so hard until you start laughing. believe me because that's exactly what we did. we all agreed that we haven't done that since watching "the notebook." definitely a chick flick to go to without the hubby because all they will do is make fun of you for getting all emotional.

also, hubby and i got to stab each other with needles tonight. yep, it was fun. we were laughing and acting like we were shootin' each other up with heroin, but instead it was a simple flu vaccine. nothing says i love you like a needle to your deltoid.