Sunday, October 5, 2008

the weekend overview

for the past two weeks, we have been slammed busy. i am exhausted. don't get me wrong, everything we've done and attended have been a blast, but i am exhausted. i know it's my own fault for wanting to do it all, but i like being busy. until it reaches a melting point. after this weekend, i was almost there. luckily though, i have checked my calendar and other than family birthday dinner on monday night and dance class on wednesday, nothing is going on until friday. knowing that has put my mind at ease so i will rest up till then and confine myself to my house. it may just be spotless with laundry completely done. wishful thinking, huh?

anywayz, here's a wrap-up of what we've been up to starting with thursday. so thursday night, uab played memphis in football at 7:00pm. as soon as jay got off work, we headed there to tailgate. everyone brought their babies out that night because the weather was perfect and night games are just wonderful. here's a pic of us watching the game with my family.okay so on to friday. friday morning, the event on the calendar was the splash pad water park which is right by my house. everybody brought their kids out, and we had a great time. the weather was cooler than the usual, but warmed up nicely so the kids got to play in the water. later, we all crammed in at a local mexican restaurant nearby. i was so very tempted to order a margarita, but i didn't want to be labeled the mother who's a lush so i refrained. here's a pic of the kids at the park.later that night was bunco. please see my last post for details on that. on a side note, getting drunk at this age is not as much fun when you are still not able to sleep through the night because of a hungry baby or oversleep in the morning because of a)the crying baby and b)the playing toddler. sleep is over-rated anyway, right!?

so on to saturday. this was the busiest of all days. saturday, we attended a birthday party in play clothes. we were having a grand time. then we had to change into dressy clothes (yes, all of us) and make our way to a dear friend's baptism of their sweet little girl, claire. we headed to the church, watched the water pour over her head, said amen, and then headed to their house where the celebration was partaken. normally, i would not have made such a rush back and forth in between two things, but both were a must. for you see, baby claire's mom and dad were both in our wedding party, and we all go way back. also, the mabster wouldn't have missed little E's birthday party for nothing. so after the baptism celebration, we ran back to the birthday party which then turned into a football party. that's right, we went straight from a baptism to sinning. the bounce house didn't leave till 8:00pm and both the kids and parents were still going strong. oh, and let's not talk about that auburn game. eek. i bet my parents are still pissed. here's a pic of the mabster acting like she's reading me "twinkle, twinkle, little star" while at the baptism celebration.lastly, sunday rolls in and we have to attend another baptism. this one was extra special because it was the baptism of our nephew (jay's brother's little boy, hudson). jay is the godfather, and his sister, jess, is the godmother so it was definitely a family affair. plus, i have naming rights on this sweet little man. the baptism took place in a small local church and everybody was super friendly.i love singing in church, and apparently the mabster does too. except whenever everyone stops, she is still singing her heart out. that, and she tries to act like she's reading from the hymnal. cute, but distracting so i took her and sweet lil grunt to the church's playroom. the mabster made me a cup of tea while the grunt slept.once the baptism was over with, the celebration took place at uncle germy and auntie red's house. all of jay's side of the family were there, and it felt good talking and catching up with everybody. here's a pic of the grunt with her nana lin. . .the next pic is the grunt, the mabster, and hudson all piled on auntie jess. . .here is the mabster with the nan. . .so that concludes our busy weekend. go blazers, yay for splash pad and bunco, happy birthday lil E, congrats baby claire, war damn eagle, and congrats baby hudson! whew, that about covers it. till next time. . .


Poodlehead said...

I'm exhausted just reading this. How do you do all this stuff?

Kim said...

i have no idea! =P