Sunday, November 30, 2008

elf on the shelf

tonight after dinner, we came home and i read the book "Elf on the Shelf - A Christmas Tradition" for the first time to the mabster. i think that this year, she may actually "get" santa and the whole being a good girl thing. this book is such a super cute idea. if you haven't heard of it before, it is a book that comes with a little toy elf. the gist of it is that the elf is santa's little helper who comes to visit before christmas time to watch over you every day. then at night once the mabster goes to bed, the elf leaves to report back to santa to let him know if she was a good or a bad girl that day. you even get to name your elf, and the mabster has chosen the name "elvis." so elvis the elf it is.well once the mabster wakes up in the morning, elvis the elf is back but sitting in a different location that he was before. he sits there all day just watching, reminding the mabster to be a good girl so that santa will put her on the "good" list so that she will get lots of presents for christmas. this is were i put elvis so that the mabster will see him in the morning...think she will find him? instead of "where's waldo?," we get to play "where's elvis?" i love it already. what a great christmas tradition to start. i don't know who's more excited, me or the mabster?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

war damn it!

tonight we watched the iron bowl at our house and surrounded ourselves with auburn fans only. the reason...we knew the tigers were going to get our bums handed to us and didn't want to hear the 6 year build up of ragging from the bama fans during the slaughter. i'll admit, ya'll deserve every right to yell "roll tide roll" at us after tonight. that game was horrible. just ask the grunt. i have never seen her smile or laugh as much as she did while in the man cave watching it with us. the game was a joke.
jay made chicken and dumplins which were perfect for the cold rainy gloomy day. in a way, it was the perfect comfort food that warmed us up and made us not care as much while watching the shut out. honestly, half of us didn't even finish watching the game. we left at the end of the 3rd quarter for some retail therapy. i started my christmas shopping, and it felt good to mark some people off my list. if the auburn tigers weren't going to be productive, at least i was. oh well, no biggie. at least we can't lose another game this year, right!? :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

another movie review

tonight we went to see a movie with a couple of close friends and family. with thanksgiving officially over with and the christmas season now upon us, we decided to go see four christmases. the guys went too, and it was like a little group date. haven't done that since high school. i felt like prom was next weekend. i digress.

anywayz, i have been itching to go see that movie ever since i saw the trailer. it was hysterical!! i just love vince vaughn's rapid-fire comedy. i think he is one of the funniest men in the world. i laughed so hard at some parts that jay said that i was cackling. i think i now have a girl crush on reese witherspoon as well. we were all just constantly laughing, and jay was reciting quotes from the movie while on the whole car ride home. yes, it's one of those. one of my favorites were, "you can't spell families without lies." too funny. it definitely met my expectations, and i can't wait to see it again.

and oh, on the car ride home, i guess jay was feeling a little froggish so as we drove past yankee belle and her car full, he decided to do a "drive by mooning." i think they have seen his full moon more than they have ever wanted to. guess that's what friends are for...showing off your ASSets.

happy turkey day!

turkey day 08 started off early on thursday morning. as soon as we woke up, we got ready and headed off to cullman to meet my side of the family at the farmhouse. the farmhouse is where my mamaw lives and is about 2 minutes away from our family's lakehouse. well, the mabster was already at the farmhouse waiting for us because she went up with her tita karmie to the lakehouse the night before. once we got there, we saw how pawpaw had dressed the mabster up in some liberty overalls just like his. just in case you didn't know, pawpaw is infamous for his overalls. he doesn't wear them as much as he use to, but growing up, he wore them religiously. for you see, my dad's a handyman, and there's just something about all those nifty compartments in a pair of overalls. :)i packed the mabster's pretty dress that her nan made for her. it's super cute, and what better time to show it off than a family filled day at thanksgiving. everybody loved it and so did she. as soon as i put it on her, she did a twirl and happy dance. she is such a girly girl and loves dresses!shortly after, we all went outside to take a big family picture. for once, it wasn't my idea (gasp). my mom and dad wanted jay to take one of all of us for their christmas card that they want to send out. so here it is. my side of the family:once everyone proofed the pic to make sure that they looked decent (very important), off we went to ride the four-wheeler. can i just say that it was the perfect day to go riding around? earlier in the week, i didn't think we'd get a chance to because it'd be too cold. but with the high at 68 for the day, of course we couldn't resist. there's nothing like a joyride back and forth to the ponds.we left the farmhouse and headed to my MIL's house to celebrate thanksgiving dinner with hubby's side of the family. once we got there, we got the girls settled and caught up with everyone. dinner was prepared quickly, and it was so G-U-D! everyone was impressed at how big the grunt has grown, and loved the mabster's pretty handmade dress. here's a pic with jay's family. notice nana lin and i hamming it up for the camera as she acts like she is feeding rutabagas to the grunt. it was pretty funny.later throughout the night, nana lin kissed all over the grunt as she poked at those sweet cheeks. then the mabster got to hug and kiss all over her cousin hudson. she just loves her babies! and lastly, the mabster kept wanting to sit beside her nan just to ask for some more chocolate covered pretzels that she made. plus, she made the dress she was wearing so the nan is golden in her eyes.

overall, we ate turkey, dressing, and all the other fixings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that day. it was awesome. surprisingly, i really enjoyed everything i placed in my mouth without getting tired that i just ate it about 2 hours ago. i was year, i will definitely have to bust out the maternity pants in order to eat like that again! i heart thanksgiving with really is the best time of the year!

blazer basketball

wednesday night, jay invited some of the guys over to watch the uab vs. oklahoma basketball game at 8:00pm. oklahoma is ranked 13th in the country so we knew it would be a good game. jay grilled out hamburgers and beer brats, and they were delicious. the guys hung out downstairs in what jay calls his "man cave" pretty much the whole night. they screamed and cheered while scratching themselves (ya know, what most men do =P). every once in awhile one would make his way up the stairs to the fridge for another brewsky, then hurriedly run back down because the levels of estrogen were just too much for one man to handle alone.meanwhile, the women were upstairs sipping on our wine, gossiping, and hanging out with the babies. we compared notes on parenthood as we laughed at the funny new things the kids were doing. we watched the game upstairs as well, but we definitely weren't as into it as the guys were. any time a slam dunk would occur, the guys went crazy which brought our attention to the tv. we pretty much just laid the babies on the floor beside each other as they grunted and cooed back and forth.

katie brought some yummy cupcakes which the mabster inhaled. i think she ate 3 that night. every time i saw her, she was camped out near the table beside them. then she would take off the plastic decoration that was wedged into the cupcake and apply it to her lips as if it were lipstick. the mabster kept saying, "i so pretty. look mommy, lipstick." she was cracking me up!

well, the blazers maintained a close game throughout up until the end of the 4th quarter. we ended up losing, and the final score was 77 to 67. once the game ended, it was like we all graduated from 5th grade...the boys and girls started mixing and mingling all over again. we all just continued talking into the wee hours until everybody grew weary and started dropping like flies...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving thursday's thirteen

this week i am going to change things up a bit considering it is thanksgiving today. instead, i am going to post 13 things that i am thankful for, and in no particular order. so here i go...

1.) i am thankful for God. i am glad that there is a higher being in my life that i believe in and can feel comfort with when life gets me down. if i didn't have prayer and hope that He can pull me through a situation, i don't know where i would be today.

2.) i am thankful for these gas prices. every day they seem to just keep dropping and dropping. it makes me giddy every time i pass a gas station with a lower price than the last one i saw. as one of my friends have said, it almost makes you want to do something crazy like store a ton of it in your basement...almost. :)

3.) i am thankful for my mabster. she is so sweet and innocent, and so full of happiness. she surprises me every day with something new. she is constantly learning, and i like to think she is going to be smart just like her daddy. i see a lot of both me and jay in her, and it's awesome.

4.) i am thankful for my scrapbooks. even though at times i have the worst case of scrapper's block and am ready to just quit all together, i sit in front of all those memories and want to cherish them. it is amazing how full your heart can feel after looking through all the pics of various events, vacations, and every day life. reminiscing through them feels amazing. because after all, you don't know where you're going till you know where you've been.

5.) i am thankful for the grunt. she is beautiful. she is simple and content. i can read her cues like the back of my hand, and knowing her like that makes me feel like a good mother. i want nothing more in the world for my little girls, but to make them feel safe and secure.

6.) i am thankful for etoh. some nights it is much needed. whether it's being enjoyed with the hubby, or a night out with the girls, it really does make for a good time. it gives me confidence and helps me loosen up. it's a huge stress reliever for me, and allows me to tell people just how much i love them without feeling all awkward. hehe.

7.) i am thankful for nap time. there are many days that only nap time can calm me down. when i've been on the go, go, go, i rely on nap time to save me from the chaos and help me veg out. it's quiet me time and is a necessity.

8.) i am thankful for my husband. we are so much alike it's scary. it's nice that we have some much in common and enjoy all the same things. we have so much history, interests, time, goals, and effort invested into each other that we know we are stuck with each other for the rest of our lives. and knowing that makes me feel grateful.

9.) i am thankful for my in-laws. surprisingly, we all get along great, and i am proud to call them family. i know they would do anything for me and vice versa.

10.) i am thankful for TBDMGE. i have made some awesome friends in this group, and these women teach me so much. everybody treats my kids as if they were their own, and it's awesome. there's just something about being a mother within this group that teaches you how to stand back from any situation to see the big picture. and once you figure that out, it's uplifting and freeing.

11.) i am thankful for my parents. they have sacrificed so much for me so that i can receive a good education in private school for 13 years and play every sporting event or extra-curricular activity that my little heart desired. my mom never spent a penny on anything new for herself. it was always about us. her kids. she is the most unselfish, giving, caring person i know, and i know that she would do anything for us.

12.) i am thankful for music. music can put me in the best mood regardless of how my day has been. certain songs can bring back so many memories and feelings that make you remember good old times. some songs will make you cry, and others will make you want to shake your laffy taffy all night long. i live for music.

and lastly,

13.) i am thankful for patience. some times i lack this extremely, and other times it is embedded in me. if i tend to get annoyed with something, patience helps me to realize that this too shall pass.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

jaydoug = biggest loser

just wanted to give a shout out to all of those we endured the long 12 weeks of diet and exercise in the biggest loser competition. the competition ended this week right before thanksgiving for obvious reasons. :) the results have come in, and the winner is (drumroll please)...JAYDOUG!!! yay, i know he worked extremely hard. i have never seen him be this serious about losing weight. he has been hitting the gym like crazy and still manages to eat healthy. mommadrool came in in a very close second. i know she worked extremely hard as well, especially considering the full plate of responsibilities she has at the moment. jaydoug lost a total percentage of 17.926%, and mommadrool lost a total of 13.04%. congrats to you both! here is jaydoug's acceptance letter via email to everyone after he realized he won...

Does this mean I can start eating again? :)
Awesome contest, it really motivated me to become more healthy. I was over 261.5 lbs a year ago, and now I'm at 190...craziness.
Thanks goes to nonluciddrivel for putting all this together, and for everyone putting the pressure on me to get off my fat butt and do something about it.
If anyone wants to do something December 6, we're planning on having a buffet party. I promise there won't be any heads of lettuce or steamed spinach. Kim will send out e-vites later.
Thanks, and congrats again to everyone.

so the e-vites have been sent, and everybody is excited to get their eat on! finally we can all binge without feeling guilty for breaking the rules. jaydoug is providing the food and drinks with his prize money, and requesting that everyone bring a dish that they craved the most during the long 12 weeks of a healthy diet. it's funny, we are going to be surrounded by sugar, fat, carbs, and most importantly...booze. :) now i leave you with a before and after pic. the after pic is the one in the middle just in case you couldn't tell...not sure if he's going to kill me after reading this post or be flattered. let's hope for the latter, eh?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

goodnight twilight

i went to see the movie twilight today with the girls. i went in with a 15-year-old mindset and low expectations, and that's exactly what i got. granted, i know that any deficiencies in the movie are solely attributable to the small budget, but most parts were so super cheesy, it was painful. poor edward looked like he was constipated or ready to puke the whole time. also, i couldn't help but laugh at james who looked like bucky from american idol. he repulsed me. seis said it was worse than a spanish soap opera, and i remember that at one point, i turned to look at her and she was shaking her head. thank god i was with very good company who made the movie hysterical. when we saw dr. cullen walk into the hospital, i think we all died laughing for about 2 minutes...what kind of dye job was his hair!? they couldn't have found a natural blonde or hired a better stylist to do a better job with the color? oh, and the meadow scene...he wasn't glistening, he was sweating. my body lotion has more sparkle in it. i guess i just visualized things so much better when reading the book. looks like my 27-year-old mind is much more creative and dirtier than a 15-year-old's. another thing was that it felt bella met him, and then bam, she was so completely in love. there wasn't much depth to their talks before things got serious. granted, i know they had to fit a 600 page book into a 2 hour movie, but show more involvement between them two than just walking down the hall.

it was a good movie, just not my style considering i'm not a tween any more. BUT the 15-year-olds in the bathroom after the movie, LOVED it. and they should. i could imagine that it was right up their alley. lastly, my favorite quote in the movie was when bella jumped on edward's back, and he said, "better hold on tight spidermonkey." wow. if i was drinking something at that same moment, i would have spewed it everywhere! seems like i have found a new quote i can use to allure my jay into bed with me. too frakkin' funny!!

bittersweet tailgating

saturday marked uab's last home game of the year. it was a bittersweet tailgate considering that it only meant that football season was ending while basketball season had already begun (woohoo!!). bates was in charge of the food during this tailgate in which he provided a shrimp boil. the guys boiled shrimp, mushrooms, sausage, potatoes, lemons, and onions all in one big pot. it was SOO good! the set up was the best ever considering how cold it was outside. there were huge propane tanks inside the tents where everyone watched the blazer basketball game on tv, and then there was a bonfire outside where everyone just shot the breeze. kick-off started at 6:00pm, and we got there at 1:00pm...yep, that's right. five hours of hardcore tailgating, and everyone was feeling good, warm, and fuzzy.
karla and i entered ourselves in a couple of cornhole tournaments. our team name..."the tasty twinkies." we played good, but not good enough. at one point, we were smoking the guys, but at the tail end, harper's A-game came out of no where, and they ended up winning. at least we made them sweat it for a little while. ;) bowman and bo-bo ended up baring the title as cornhole champions yet again this year. the trophy was a nice one. it was professionally made and was ten times better than last year's considering it just simply consisted of a piece of corn jammed into an old trophy base. it was awesome. here's a pic of the winners with a glimpse of jay photo-bombing the picture (that's all he did all night, i should have cut him off sooner).
there was also an AOII alumni event at the tailgate as well. we saw our wooden letters from across the walkway, and couldn't resist running over to them to take an old school alpha love picture. we were probably the oldest alums there and the loudest...seems like you lose some of your inhibitions the older you get. then later, we rounded up our fellow asian pi's for our traditonal asian delegation pyramid picture. it's one of our favorites and must be done. for you see, our sorority just doesn't consist of hot blondes. we pride ourselves in our diversity because afterall, the smart asians had to carry the weight of the dumb blondes for that highest GPA award we always won. and everybody knows that once you go asian, you'll never go caucasian, right!? =P

well, the last hour of the tailgate got a bit rowdy. when no one actually ends up making it into the game, you know it's a good time. everyone left the kids at home because we wanted to end the season right. it caused for a celebration with the captain. my orange cremesicles were so good, and the captain and i brought sexy back all night long. karmie rocked her "vote jesus" trucker hat, and jay hid beside the port-o-lets anxiously awaiting to peg stinky in the head with a soccer ball. overall, we had so much fun. i am sad that football season has finally come to a close, but i am looking forward to watching the blazers play some basketball. it looks like we have an awesome team this year, and actually have something to brag about. GOOOO BLAZERS!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

thursday's thirteen

1.) i was a productive mofo around the house this week. it felt awesome, and i've finally caught up on laundry. nothing feels better than walking into a clean house. if nothing else in my life is organized, at least my house can be...for a brief moment at least.

2.) i think it's cute when i bump into something and say, "oh sorry," and then the mabster responds with, "it was an accident mommy." i love that sweet child.

3.) i realize why i slept like crap last week. three words... milo's. sweet. tea.

4.) i love when my family and friends appreciate the 50 million pics i take. granted, i know there are days when nobody wants to take a picture so i try not to force it upon them (only if you're blue momma though =P). but when people constantly ask me, "where's your camera?," it feels good. when it's expected, it doesn't leave me much room for disappointment considering the damn thing is pretty much surgically attached to my hand.

5.) tita karmie is taking the mabster to the mcwane center today. i don't know why she is so good to me. :)

6.) our last uab home game is this saturday. it is going to be a very festive tailgate. there's like 3 cornhole tournaments going on which i seemed to have signed myself up for all 3, not sure yet how that's going to work. and we are also having an AOII alumnae party at the tailgate as well. as for the game, we may suck it up, but thank god basketball season is finally here...we rock at that!!

7.) i had a horrible tummy bug last week. i felt incredibly nauseous with hot and cold sweats all week long. i would give another detail, but i can guarantee that you don't want to hear it. the only good thing about it was when it was over, and i stepped on the scale and lost 3 pounds. nice!

8.) the mabster is the hugest daddy's girl. if i tell her she can't do something or get on to her for anything, she automatically starts crying and asks for daddy. i hope this is just a phase and it doesn't last long. there is no way that i'm going to let my kid turn into one of those girls on mtv's "sweet sixteen."

9.) my itch for home decorating has come to surface again, especially for downstairs. looks like i will be asking for gift cards again this year for christmas. i heart gift cards. they're perfect for when i want to get something, but don't want to bother asking the hubby.

10.) the grunt loves laying on her back and playing on her play mat, but she despises tummy time. she will only do tummy time for about 5-10 minutes and then she is done. the mabster was the opposite at this age. she loved tummy time, but hated being on her back. the mabster also rolled over for the first time (from back to belly) at 3 months, but i honestly don't see the grunt caring to roll over any time soon. she is quite content just laying there.

11.) i can't believe that thanksgiving is next week. NEXT WEEK!! holyhell, it feels like it was the 4th of july yesterday! where, oh where is the time going!?

12.) myspace is old and tired. the facebook is where it is at right now. i am addicted. the pics are so easy and quick to upload, and family i never knew i had are finding me. it's great to see their pictures as well considering half of them live in california, and i definitely don't see a road trip in my future any time soon.

and lastly,

13.) i don't understand why my wonderful hubby decides to pass gas and then feels the need to wave it in my face. always. it never fails. he does this and crop dusting all the time. it is not cute nor funny, but disgusting. He. is. disgusting. does anyone else's hubby do this too, or am i just that lucky? =P

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

happy birthday dad!

we went out to dinner tonight at surin in honor of my dad's birthday. he turned 57 on monday the 17th, but tonight was the only time that all of the family could get together to celebrate. my dad is wonderful, and i love him so much. he is the kinda guy who just wants everyone to be happy and gets tickled at the littlest things. i'm so thankful that he has always been so active in my life since day one. from being my b'ball coach for many years in grammar school to my biggest fan in the bleachers for volleyball, basketball, and soccer in high school, he never missed a game. he was always there cheering and supporting me through it all. i love you dad, and happy birthday old man!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a mother's love

i just got in from a hot date night with the girls. we like to wine and dine each other every now and then. we went and ate a fantastic dinner at firebirds followed by a movie, "the changeling." let me just tell you guys, that movie was great, but boy did it pull on your heart's strings and hard. angelina jolie stars as the main character who basically is a mom who went to work one saturday morning only to come home and find out that her 9-year-old son was missing. after a few months, the LAPD said that they found her son only for her to realize that the boy they brought to her was indeed not her son.

i could go on and on about it, but i won't ruin it for those who might want to see it. jolie did an amazing job, but boy is she too skinny! anywayz, this movie was an emotional rollercoaster. the storyline just kept going and going...i'd get my hopes up, and then wham, i was in tears again. as a mother, it will make you want to go home and just hold your babies forever. if only we could keep them in a bubble so that nothing bad would ever happen to them. this movie honestly makes your heart hurt when you realize just how strong a mother's love and intuition is. it's amazing.

sweaty sweat

jay does spin class at the gym 4 times a week during his lunch break. the other two days, he has his jiu jitsu class and of course, sunday is a day of rest. well, when jay endures his spin class, he sweats buckets. and i mean, buckets of nasty, smelly, sweaty sweat. well usually when he comes home every day, he brings up a plastic bag (which the Y provides...thank you, i appreciate it.) filled with his soaking wet work-out clothes. and when i say soaking wet, i mean drenched. one bag alone probably weighs about 2 pounds. no kidding. of course i immediately throw his clothes in the wash because obviously, it's not going to sit there and stink up my house.

well last week, jay didn't bring me up any bags o'sweat. i just assumed that maybe he was slacking off this week, the first time in 11 weeks. i was even going to question him about it, but it just slipped my mind...until he brought up this friday night.yep. there they are. 4 bags of hard-working, fierce cycling, dirty, sweaty sweat. i think i threw up in my mouth a bit as i saw him lay them on the floor. of course he laughs and says, "there you go sweetie," as i groan and think to myself, "did i really sign up for this?"...i guess i did. so into the washing machine they went with the help of some old school latex nursing gloves and a held breath. ack!

Monday, November 17, 2008

fall fun!

this morning we ventured out to heather's house for a play date. it was a thanksgiving themed one where the kids got to do a craft as well as eat and play. the mabster made the cutest little turkey out of a cup, construction paper, and an ice cream stick. i helped the mabster make hers, and she loved it. i think she loved working with the glue the most though because that's all she did. i just gave her some scraps of colored paper and she went to town just a gluing them together.once the mabster finished making her cute little turkey centerpiece, all the kids sat down to eat, and then later played inside with all the toys. everybody played surprisingly well and shared without any tantrums...even the mommies did too. ;) today's playgroup had some awesome dishes as well which meant recipes were being swapped, and the food was inhaled. also, the mabster loves looking at all the fishies in heather's aquarium. she'd point to them and say, "up and down, up and down." it was cute, and ava and finn were right there beside her.
later in the day, everyone went outside to enjoy the beautiful autumn day. and i mean it was BE. A. UTIFUL today!! it was the perfect temperature with a slight breeze and the sun was just a shining. the kids played on the swing set for awhile, and i don't think the mabster wanted out of her swing.then seis decided to find a rake and made a huge pile of leaves for the kids to jump in. it was perfect. it made me want to be a kid again. watching them was hilarious and so sweet. they all ran and jumped in the leaves, and then threw them up in the air. then seis would have them step back so that she could make another mountain of fun for them, and they did it all over again. here's a picture of the before and after...

to me, that's what fall is all about. doing the little things with your kids like letting them roll around in a heapful of leaves even though i am still picking tiny pieces of it off of the mabster. that was one of my favorite playdates, thus the reason for me blogging it. again, one of the mabster's firsts that of course, has to be documented. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

a sunday compromise

sunday was good. jay got with the guys and played a game of golf. he said they all played fairly decent considering all of them haven't had a chance to play in awhile. fortunately, nobody lost a golf club into the pond or ran out of balls. one thing jay said that was funny was that they ragged one of their guys (no names will be provided for fear of hurting his ego) because he had to go to the bathroom so bad that it was ruining his swing. it wasn't something he could alleviate behind a tree so he was in trouble. jay said the guys were making bets and hoping that there was no toilet paper left in the bathroom, but luckily for him, there was. he came back 10 pounds lighter, and his golf game improved vastly. overall, jay's day with the guys was a success.

once jay got home, it was like tag team. he came in and took over the girls while i went out for a night full of girl time. i went to the galleria in search of some cute shoes and found a pair. i walked pass santa and couldn't believe that he was already out. i thought he came out after thanksgiving? i guess i thought wrong. then the idea hit me. i need to find the mabster and the grunt's christmas dresses so that they can have their photo taken with santa before the lines get crazy. then off to dinner we went. two words...olive garden. it was delicious! we chatted about everything under the sun and practically licked the salad bowl clean. overall, my night with the girls was a success, and it was the perfect ending to a well-balanced weekend.

auburn vs. georgia

lola and pawpaw took the mabster to her second auburn game of the year on saturday, the auburn vs. georgia game. it was a home game for the tigers, and we were predicted to be crushed by the bulldogs. surprisingly though, auburn came to play that day. jay and i watched the game on tv, but for once we were envious of the mabster watching the game while in the stadium. let's just say that the fourth quarter definitely had us out of our seats. i was hoping and praying for a touchdown in the last seconds of the game, but we just couldn't muster one up. oh well, great game anyway, but i was really hoping to claim the mabster as a good luck charm.
the mabster stayed with lola and pawpaw all weekend long from friday to late sunday. she enjoyed her auburn rituals of orange nail polish the night before the big game and face-painting the day of. lola said the mabster had a great time just like before, but this time she fell asleep on pawpaw while in the stadium and slept through the whole second quarter. it's no surprise that she fell asleep on pawpaw towards the end because lola was probably jumping around and cheering like crazy. we're so glad the mabster has such a good time at these auburn games even though our season has been less than par. i remember as a little girl going to every home game with my mom and dad, and now i'm glad the mabster gets to experience the same thing. here's to traditions and good times!!

saturday in the south

all day saturday we did what every living soul does in the south...watched football. we went to our friend's house (katie and frank's), and watched one game after the other followed up by the UFC championship series that they ordered on pay-per-view at 9pm. as soon as we walked through the door, everybody rounded up the babies, and we just had to take their pictures. it was the first time that all the little legacies were at the same place at the same time. so what do the mommies do? we pile them all on the couch of course! it was super cute. from left to right is carson, lyla, emory, and claire. these kids are also our hardcore blazer tailgaters...
first we watched the auburn/georgia game. it was freakin' awesome! what a nail-bitter! i was so pumped during the whole game, hoping that auburn would pull out another "W." we ended up losing, but nonetheless, it was a great game. then the bama game came on, and that one was kinda scary at first, but of course they ended up with a win over mississippi state. both good games. throughout all the viewings, the girls would stop and goo-goo over all of the babies just a passing them back and forth while the men occasionally helped out. jay and i got a picture of us with the grunt considering we don't have many with just her at once the UFC fight came on, everybody was already pretty much pumped up to watch it. throughout the fights, there were arm bars, sparing, kicking, and punches jabbing everywhere. i must admit that i hate watching these fights. they make me cringe and cover my eyes. i know it gets the testosterone flowing in the guys, but it makes me think these fighters are crazy. who would want to do that for a living? just get their a$$ handed to them daily? a man, that's who. one fighter had cauliflower ear from the numerous blows, and their faces were just all messed up. i know how the body operates and functions normally. so when i see arms, legs, necks, etc. being hyper-extended and twisted, i know it has to hurt. this is why i have to squeal and cover my eyes. ouch! the guys made us laugh though. their cheering and groans were enough entertainment for the whole night. lastly, i will leave you with some pics...isn't it funny how in every group pic of girls, we always seem to end up doing the "sorority squat?" one day our knees will not be able to get us back up. i know karla's seem to pop every time she tries. when she hits the floor one day, i am going to laugh...and then take a picture! =P

sans the toddler

friday night my parents came over to pick up the mabster so that she could spend the night with them in preparation for the auburn/georgia game on saturday. once they came over and took off with her, jay and i had the grunt and were ready to head out to our new local stix that just opened up. it is amazing how different a dinner out is without a toddler. no screaming, no jumping around in the seat beside you, no rushing and inhaling our food, and no cut-off conversations. it was just the grunt with us. she just slept in her pumpkin seat the whole time. not a word, not a movement, nothing. quite nice. i heard my friend say over the weekend that having one is kid is like having one, but having two kids is like having four. SO true. i miss those one baby days every now and then. ;)

then we ran to target, picked up "iron man" on dvd, came home, and watched it downstairs in jay's man cave. now that is an awesome movie to watch when the surround sound is blaring. i think i am deaf and the walls are still rattling. we all piled onto one couch and watched the movie. we love it down there. it just feels like a whole nother atmosphere. again, there were no distractions from the mabster saying she wants to watch cars or finding nemo. don't get me wrong, we love our mabster dearly, but it is amazing how one weekend of her gone was the best non-stressful weekend we've ever had.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

thursday's thirteen

1.) guess what i did 3 months ago today? yep, i popped out my sweet little grunt, and our world has never been the same. i love everything about her, but especially those chubby cheeks. happy 3 months sweet grunt!

2.) i am loving these gas prices right now. i filled up my tank yesterday for under 30 bucks. definitely haven't done that in a long time. hopefully, the prices will stay low because the grunt goes through formula like a horse!

3.) the mabster is going to the auburn game again on saturday with her lola and pawpaw. i'm just saying now, that if we beat georgia (and hell freezes over), i am claiming the mabster as a good luck charm.

4.) i realize how thankful i am for our lawn guys. now i can actually see each stair as i go down them instead of stepping on a heapful of crunchy leaves. they love me and my family's safety and because of that, i am grateful.

5.) has anyone ever noticed that no matter how much sleep you don't get, if you're doing something that makes you happy, it doesn't bother you as much? i haven't been sleeping worth crap lately, but still seem to be in good spirits. i say this now, and watch, tomorrow i will be in a foul mood. hehe.

6.) i am going out to dinner with an old friend i went to nursing school with tonight. haven't seen her in quite awhile. she's the type you can not see for what seems like ages, but then pick up as if you were still right there in each other's daily lives. she's just funny great company, and i can't wait to see her!

7.) why is it that when one light bulb goes out, they all do at the same time? this annoys the piss out of me. our bathroom lights have fizzed out slowly one by one. every time i change one, there goes the other one. it's like they know..."there goes my lover, guess it's my time to bid adieu too."

8.) we're going over to our friend's house on saturday. the guys want to get together to watch the UFC fight on tv. i'm thinking that the combination of high levels of testosterone and beer should be interesting.

9.) i heart driving. sometimes i just drive around for the fun of it. i like feeling in control, listening to good music, and letting my mind wander. this time of year is my favorite though. driving around looking at the color of the trees just makes me feel refreshed.

10.) i have discovered a new found love for painting. i have noticed too, that what you paint looks even better the next morning once you have stepped away from it. after staring at it for 3 hours straight, your eyes get a bit funky. looking at it now makes me feel proud.

11.) i think hubby read my post about laundry last week so he tried to help out (god love him). i don't like it. i appreciate the thought and helpfulness, but he messes up my system. and yes, believe it or not, there is a method to my madness.

12.) the mabster is obsessed with the songs that she has learned from dance class. it's cute. she sings them all the time, and even holds her 2 babydoll's hands as she runs around in a circle. where the hell is my video camera??

and lastly,

13.) hubby's wedding band is super loose on him right now. he's lost 39.5 pounds and has to leave it at home when he goes to the gym... think he's trying to tell me something? hehe. =P

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rudolph the red nose reindeer

i went out with the girls tonight to enjoy dinner and then an evening at sips-n-strokes. we painted a christmas picture, rudolph the red nose reindeer to be exact, and sipped on wine for 3 hours. unfortunately though my bottle of riesling did not even last until the first hour. i was prepping myself up for success that's all. the instructor said that your work looks better if you step back and blur your eyes so i figured the wine would do it for me. half of us were virgins to the whole experience, and ended up having a great time.we all sat near each other as the jokes were flying left and momma claimed that her reindeer had tumors and made of fun of the instructor for using the word "whimsical" every five seconds. karla maria claimed her reindeer was hallucinating miniature candy canes and said that she loved my balls all night. then you hear yankee belle saying "huh?" every now and then so the instructor came over to help her out. k-mom walked around and was impressed at how different everyone's looked even though we were all painting the same thing, and my 2 suns worked diligently with a smile on her face. overall, i'd say everyone's paintings look beautiful. mine is already hanging up in the kitchen in preparation of the upcoming christmas season (a bit early i know, but i'm excited!). and oh, did i mention that we definitely left our mark there? just go to the sips-n-strokes located in vestavia, look on the front wall, and you will know exactly what i'm talking about...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

gracie's bundle of boy

today i helped host a baby shower for my sweet sister-in-law, gracie. she is expecting a precious baby boy right around christmas time. this is their first baby so we are very excited for her. they are naming him "douglas noland" (both family names), and we can't wait to meet him. he will make baby number 5 at the douglas household come christmas so the holidays this year are going to be super fun. the shower went off without a hitch. the food and nana lin's blue punch was delicious. i brought home some leftovers for jay, as well as what was left of the fruit tray for the mabster. can i just say that the mabster inhaled all of the fruit in one sitting. she kept saying, "this is yummy." she gets that honest though because i can tear up cantaloupe and strawberries in one sitting too. not to mention that jay pretty much licked his plate clean as well. overall, the baby shower was great. now i leave you with a picture of the hostesses with the mom-to-be. i am with all of my sister-in-laws minus jess because she was slammed busy in hotlanta and couldn't make it. from left to right is red, me, gracie, and mellie.

war damn eagle!

lola and pawpaw took the mabster to her first auburn game ever. they played UT-Martin and it was the tiger's homecoming. the night before, lola painted the mabster's finger and toenails orange. she loved it. they left early saturday morning for the plains, and my mom dressed up the mabster in game day orange. i swear she looked like a "mini-lola." it was super cute.
lola and pawpaw told me how they walked around everywhere while the mabster enjoyed looking at all the blow-up auburn tigers that were being displayed at the tailgates. then they went to get the mabster's face painted like a tiger and she loved it. they said that she couldn't stop looking in the mirror and smiling as she growled and laughed.
later they went to the tigerwalk where the mabster met "aubie" as well as some of the players. lola said that she kept saying that she wanted to go see the tiger, but as soon as they got close enough to take a picture with him, the mabster got scared and wouldn't look at the camera. this is definitely no surprise to me. she loves animals and big characters from afar, but once they get too close, she starts shaking her head and saying, "i don't like it." what a sweet mess.
lola and pawpaw said that everyone loved her cute little tiger face, and that they taught her the cheers as they were walking into the stadium. once they got to their seats, they said that the mabster got all bright-eyed and was amazed at how many people were around. they said that she loved waving around her pom-pom during the kick-off as she screamed "waaaaarrr eagle, hey!" with everyone. after that, too much excitement had finally kicked in, and she fell asleep in her lola's arms for the whole first half. too cute.
they said that the mabster had a blast and was well-behaved the whole time. in fact, the only time she got fussy was as they were walking to the stadium and she said, "i want daddy." then my mom said that once she got into the stadium, she completely forgot about us. funny. i don't know who had a better parents for making great memories with the mabster, or the mabster for experiencing one of her firsts. i could tell that it made my mom and dad so happy to take her to the game with them. even better since they drove home with a "W" under their belts. they already want to take her again to the auburn/georgia game next week, but they weren't sure if they could find a ticket. as jay and i went to pick her up that night, this is what we saw...the mabster was spent! lola and pawpaw said that she had the time of her life, and that they wore her out. she slept the whole car ride home and did not move as they brought her in. she slept like a champ that night, and told us all about her "tigers" the next morning. good thing we're already saving up in her college fund, huh?