Sunday, November 16, 2008

auburn vs. georgia

lola and pawpaw took the mabster to her second auburn game of the year on saturday, the auburn vs. georgia game. it was a home game for the tigers, and we were predicted to be crushed by the bulldogs. surprisingly though, auburn came to play that day. jay and i watched the game on tv, but for once we were envious of the mabster watching the game while in the stadium. let's just say that the fourth quarter definitely had us out of our seats. i was hoping and praying for a touchdown in the last seconds of the game, but we just couldn't muster one up. oh well, great game anyway, but i was really hoping to claim the mabster as a good luck charm.
the mabster stayed with lola and pawpaw all weekend long from friday to late sunday. she enjoyed her auburn rituals of orange nail polish the night before the big game and face-painting the day of. lola said the mabster had a great time just like before, but this time she fell asleep on pawpaw while in the stadium and slept through the whole second quarter. it's no surprise that she fell asleep on pawpaw towards the end because lola was probably jumping around and cheering like crazy. we're so glad the mabster has such a good time at these auburn games even though our season has been less than par. i remember as a little girl going to every home game with my mom and dad, and now i'm glad the mabster gets to experience the same thing. here's to traditions and good times!!


Anonymous said...

awwww i just loved those pics! your parents are too sweet! i can just see the love in your dads eyes! love it!


Kim said...

oh, pawpaw ADORES the mabster...thank god he had three girls himself, huh!? ;)