Sunday, November 23, 2008

bittersweet tailgating

saturday marked uab's last home game of the year. it was a bittersweet tailgate considering that it only meant that football season was ending while basketball season had already begun (woohoo!!). bates was in charge of the food during this tailgate in which he provided a shrimp boil. the guys boiled shrimp, mushrooms, sausage, potatoes, lemons, and onions all in one big pot. it was SOO good! the set up was the best ever considering how cold it was outside. there were huge propane tanks inside the tents where everyone watched the blazer basketball game on tv, and then there was a bonfire outside where everyone just shot the breeze. kick-off started at 6:00pm, and we got there at 1:00pm...yep, that's right. five hours of hardcore tailgating, and everyone was feeling good, warm, and fuzzy.
karla and i entered ourselves in a couple of cornhole tournaments. our team name..."the tasty twinkies." we played good, but not good enough. at one point, we were smoking the guys, but at the tail end, harper's A-game came out of no where, and they ended up winning. at least we made them sweat it for a little while. ;) bowman and bo-bo ended up baring the title as cornhole champions yet again this year. the trophy was a nice one. it was professionally made and was ten times better than last year's considering it just simply consisted of a piece of corn jammed into an old trophy base. it was awesome. here's a pic of the winners with a glimpse of jay photo-bombing the picture (that's all he did all night, i should have cut him off sooner).
there was also an AOII alumni event at the tailgate as well. we saw our wooden letters from across the walkway, and couldn't resist running over to them to take an old school alpha love picture. we were probably the oldest alums there and the loudest...seems like you lose some of your inhibitions the older you get. then later, we rounded up our fellow asian pi's for our traditonal asian delegation pyramid picture. it's one of our favorites and must be done. for you see, our sorority just doesn't consist of hot blondes. we pride ourselves in our diversity because afterall, the smart asians had to carry the weight of the dumb blondes for that highest GPA award we always won. and everybody knows that once you go asian, you'll never go caucasian, right!? =P

well, the last hour of the tailgate got a bit rowdy. when no one actually ends up making it into the game, you know it's a good time. everyone left the kids at home because we wanted to end the season right. it caused for a celebration with the captain. my orange cremesicles were so good, and the captain and i brought sexy back all night long. karmie rocked her "vote jesus" trucker hat, and jay hid beside the port-o-lets anxiously awaiting to peg stinky in the head with a soccer ball. overall, we had so much fun. i am sad that football season has finally come to a close, but i am looking forward to watching the blazers play some basketball. it looks like we have an awesome team this year, and actually have something to brag about. GOOOO BLAZERS!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm actually going to miss football season, even though we lost just about every game... BUT basketball season will be freaking AWESOME!!!
~ Karla

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