Friday, November 28, 2008

blazer basketball

wednesday night, jay invited some of the guys over to watch the uab vs. oklahoma basketball game at 8:00pm. oklahoma is ranked 13th in the country so we knew it would be a good game. jay grilled out hamburgers and beer brats, and they were delicious. the guys hung out downstairs in what jay calls his "man cave" pretty much the whole night. they screamed and cheered while scratching themselves (ya know, what most men do =P). every once in awhile one would make his way up the stairs to the fridge for another brewsky, then hurriedly run back down because the levels of estrogen were just too much for one man to handle alone.meanwhile, the women were upstairs sipping on our wine, gossiping, and hanging out with the babies. we compared notes on parenthood as we laughed at the funny new things the kids were doing. we watched the game upstairs as well, but we definitely weren't as into it as the guys were. any time a slam dunk would occur, the guys went crazy which brought our attention to the tv. we pretty much just laid the babies on the floor beside each other as they grunted and cooed back and forth.

katie brought some yummy cupcakes which the mabster inhaled. i think she ate 3 that night. every time i saw her, she was camped out near the table beside them. then she would take off the plastic decoration that was wedged into the cupcake and apply it to her lips as if it were lipstick. the mabster kept saying, "i so pretty. look mommy, lipstick." she was cracking me up!

well, the blazers maintained a close game throughout up until the end of the 4th quarter. we ended up losing, and the final score was 77 to 67. once the game ended, it was like we all graduated from 5th grade...the boys and girls started mixing and mingling all over again. we all just continued talking into the wee hours until everybody grew weary and started dropping like flies...


The Founding Father said...

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