Sunday, November 9, 2008

football and frat boys

saturday was the perfect day. my mom and dad took the mabster with them to auburn's homecoming game so we got to oversleep for a bit until the grunt woke up. the house was a little quieter than the usual and it felt good. i ran a couple of errands that morning ( very nice), and then we met up with some friends and watched football all day long. we watched the games out on their back porch and the cool breeze felt amazing. the guys grilled out some yummy ribs while the grunt slept in their baby swing the whole time. no matter how loud the guys were cheering, it did not phase her. great football games with great company was nice.

later that night, we headed out to a bridal party for our friend merriss. we all went to college together and he is also one of jay's fellow fraternity brothers. they had a grill out and all the fixings that you could ever imagine. we pretty much hung out on the back porch the whole night just a chattin' it up. finally for once, i was surrounded by a herd of republicans. for awhile i thought i was the only one left. talking politics that night actually felt wonderful because everyone was on the same page. also, i think it's great that now our topic of discussion with our college friends are about politics and babies. everyone is reproducing now, and it's awesome! some things that are new to them that they said, made me laugh and say, "yep, the mabster did that too." it's great and i really think it tightens our bond even more now. funny how 5-9 years ago, we were all laughing about each other drunk and throwing up, and now we talk about our babies spitting up. it's crazy...we are getting old and actually responsible of someone else now and not just ourselves. in some ways, that's kinda scary. =P here's a group pic of the pi kapps:notice how the left side is the khaki side while the right is the blue jeans'd think they planned it that way, but it was pure coincidence. i totally wanted to take a pic of their traditional "boxer shot," but one of them claimed it was too cold. sure, nice excuse buddy. hehe. i love these boys. i have too many stories of all of them, and half of them i still call "roomie." with these guys, chivalry never died. they're awesome!