Sunday, November 9, 2008

gracie's bundle of boy

today i helped host a baby shower for my sweet sister-in-law, gracie. she is expecting a precious baby boy right around christmas time. this is their first baby so we are very excited for her. they are naming him "douglas noland" (both family names), and we can't wait to meet him. he will make baby number 5 at the douglas household come christmas so the holidays this year are going to be super fun. the shower went off without a hitch. the food and nana lin's blue punch was delicious. i brought home some leftovers for jay, as well as what was left of the fruit tray for the mabster. can i just say that the mabster inhaled all of the fruit in one sitting. she kept saying, "this is yummy." she gets that honest though because i can tear up cantaloupe and strawberries in one sitting too. not to mention that jay pretty much licked his plate clean as well. overall, the baby shower was great. now i leave you with a picture of the hostesses with the mom-to-be. i am with all of my sister-in-laws minus jess because she was slammed busy in hotlanta and couldn't make it. from left to right is red, me, gracie, and mellie.


Yankee Belle said...

All the cousins! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

I hate that I had to miss this - can't wait to meet little Douglas!
~ Karla