Wednesday, November 19, 2008

happy birthday dad!

we went out to dinner tonight at surin in honor of my dad's birthday. he turned 57 on monday the 17th, but tonight was the only time that all of the family could get together to celebrate. my dad is wonderful, and i love him so much. he is the kinda guy who just wants everyone to be happy and gets tickled at the littlest things. i'm so thankful that he has always been so active in my life since day one. from being my b'ball coach for many years in grammar school to my biggest fan in the bleachers for volleyball, basketball, and soccer in high school, he never missed a game. he was always there cheering and supporting me through it all. i love you dad, and happy birthday old man!!


Amber said...

That is so sweet. I'm glad you have a supportive, loving daddy. :-) I love mine, too!

Anonymous said...

~ Karla