Friday, November 28, 2008

happy turkey day!

turkey day 08 started off early on thursday morning. as soon as we woke up, we got ready and headed off to cullman to meet my side of the family at the farmhouse. the farmhouse is where my mamaw lives and is about 2 minutes away from our family's lakehouse. well, the mabster was already at the farmhouse waiting for us because she went up with her tita karmie to the lakehouse the night before. once we got there, we saw how pawpaw had dressed the mabster up in some liberty overalls just like his. just in case you didn't know, pawpaw is infamous for his overalls. he doesn't wear them as much as he use to, but growing up, he wore them religiously. for you see, my dad's a handyman, and there's just something about all those nifty compartments in a pair of overalls. :)i packed the mabster's pretty dress that her nan made for her. it's super cute, and what better time to show it off than a family filled day at thanksgiving. everybody loved it and so did she. as soon as i put it on her, she did a twirl and happy dance. she is such a girly girl and loves dresses!shortly after, we all went outside to take a big family picture. for once, it wasn't my idea (gasp). my mom and dad wanted jay to take one of all of us for their christmas card that they want to send out. so here it is. my side of the family:once everyone proofed the pic to make sure that they looked decent (very important), off we went to ride the four-wheeler. can i just say that it was the perfect day to go riding around? earlier in the week, i didn't think we'd get a chance to because it'd be too cold. but with the high at 68 for the day, of course we couldn't resist. there's nothing like a joyride back and forth to the ponds.we left the farmhouse and headed to my MIL's house to celebrate thanksgiving dinner with hubby's side of the family. once we got there, we got the girls settled and caught up with everyone. dinner was prepared quickly, and it was so G-U-D! everyone was impressed at how big the grunt has grown, and loved the mabster's pretty handmade dress. here's a pic with jay's family. notice nana lin and i hamming it up for the camera as she acts like she is feeding rutabagas to the grunt. it was pretty funny.later throughout the night, nana lin kissed all over the grunt as she poked at those sweet cheeks. then the mabster got to hug and kiss all over her cousin hudson. she just loves her babies! and lastly, the mabster kept wanting to sit beside her nan just to ask for some more chocolate covered pretzels that she made. plus, she made the dress she was wearing so the nan is golden in her eyes.

overall, we ate turkey, dressing, and all the other fixings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that day. it was awesome. surprisingly, i really enjoyed everything i placed in my mouth without getting tired that i just ate it about 2 hours ago. i was year, i will definitely have to bust out the maternity pants in order to eat like that again! i heart thanksgiving with really is the best time of the year!