Tuesday, November 25, 2008

jaydoug = biggest loser

just wanted to give a shout out to all of those we endured the long 12 weeks of diet and exercise in the biggest loser competition. the competition ended this week right before thanksgiving for obvious reasons. :) the results have come in, and the winner is (drumroll please)...JAYDOUG!!! yay, i know he worked extremely hard. i have never seen him be this serious about losing weight. he has been hitting the gym like crazy and still manages to eat healthy. mommadrool came in in a very close second. i know she worked extremely hard as well, especially considering the full plate of responsibilities she has at the moment. jaydoug lost a total percentage of 17.926%, and mommadrool lost a total of 13.04%. congrats to you both! here is jaydoug's acceptance letter via email to everyone after he realized he won...

Does this mean I can start eating again? :)
Awesome contest, it really motivated me to become more healthy. I was over 261.5 lbs a year ago, and now I'm at 190...craziness.
Thanks goes to nonluciddrivel for putting all this together, and for everyone putting the pressure on me to get off my fat butt and do something about it.
If anyone wants to do something December 6, we're planning on having a buffet party. I promise there won't be any heads of lettuce or steamed spinach. Kim will send out e-vites later.
Thanks, and congrats again to everyone.

so the e-vites have been sent, and everybody is excited to get their eat on! finally we can all binge without feeling guilty for breaking the rules. jaydoug is providing the food and drinks with his prize money, and requesting that everyone bring a dish that they craved the most during the long 12 weeks of a healthy diet. it's funny, we are going to be surrounded by sugar, fat, carbs, and most importantly...booze. :) now i leave you with a before and after pic. the after pic is the one in the middle just in case you couldn't tell...not sure if he's going to kill me after reading this post or be flattered. let's hope for the latter, eh?


K-Mom said...

Congrats to JayDoug!! He looks great!

Why is it so much easier for guys to lose weight than girls? It's not fair!

Kim said...

i agree, totally not fair! they lose weight just looking at the scale! =P

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jason! You look wonderful! It is always easier for guys to lose weight...i love those "slimquick" commercials....you know the one with her and the hubby on the couch he is drinking diet sodas and starts shrinking and she is drinking water and her boobs get a little smaller and then her water dumps into the dog bowl and the dog starts shrinking. that commercial makes me laugh so hard because it is so true!

now eat up tomorrow jason!

happy thanksgiving doglas family!



Kim said...

i love those commercials too amy. they are hilarious.