Sunday, November 16, 2008

sans the toddler

friday night my parents came over to pick up the mabster so that she could spend the night with them in preparation for the auburn/georgia game on saturday. once they came over and took off with her, jay and i had the grunt and were ready to head out to our new local stix that just opened up. it is amazing how different a dinner out is without a toddler. no screaming, no jumping around in the seat beside you, no rushing and inhaling our food, and no cut-off conversations. it was just the grunt with us. she just slept in her pumpkin seat the whole time. not a word, not a movement, nothing. quite nice. i heard my friend say over the weekend that having one is kid is like having one, but having two kids is like having four. SO true. i miss those one baby days every now and then. ;)

then we ran to target, picked up "iron man" on dvd, came home, and watched it downstairs in jay's man cave. now that is an awesome movie to watch when the surround sound is blaring. i think i am deaf and the walls are still rattling. we all piled onto one couch and watched the movie. we love it down there. it just feels like a whole nother atmosphere. again, there were no distractions from the mabster saying she wants to watch cars or finding nemo. don't get me wrong, we love our mabster dearly, but it is amazing how one weekend of her gone was the best non-stressful weekend we've ever had.


Anonymous said...

that is SO true about have two feels like four! so i guess having 3 means its like having 6 and believe me it does feel like that at times....and rob wants another one and i think he would have me preggo now if he could!


Kim said...

i bet he would amy! he's just a smart man who knows that ya'll make beautiful babies that's all!!

we definitely want 3 so i will be asking you questions in about 2 more years. ;)

Anonymous said...

well i'm here for ya when you are ready to start that adventure....