Sunday, November 16, 2008

saturday in the south

all day saturday we did what every living soul does in the south...watched football. we went to our friend's house (katie and frank's), and watched one game after the other followed up by the UFC championship series that they ordered on pay-per-view at 9pm. as soon as we walked through the door, everybody rounded up the babies, and we just had to take their pictures. it was the first time that all the little legacies were at the same place at the same time. so what do the mommies do? we pile them all on the couch of course! it was super cute. from left to right is carson, lyla, emory, and claire. these kids are also our hardcore blazer tailgaters...
first we watched the auburn/georgia game. it was freakin' awesome! what a nail-bitter! i was so pumped during the whole game, hoping that auburn would pull out another "W." we ended up losing, but nonetheless, it was a great game. then the bama game came on, and that one was kinda scary at first, but of course they ended up with a win over mississippi state. both good games. throughout all the viewings, the girls would stop and goo-goo over all of the babies just a passing them back and forth while the men occasionally helped out. jay and i got a picture of us with the grunt considering we don't have many with just her at once the UFC fight came on, everybody was already pretty much pumped up to watch it. throughout the fights, there were arm bars, sparing, kicking, and punches jabbing everywhere. i must admit that i hate watching these fights. they make me cringe and cover my eyes. i know it gets the testosterone flowing in the guys, but it makes me think these fighters are crazy. who would want to do that for a living? just get their a$$ handed to them daily? a man, that's who. one fighter had cauliflower ear from the numerous blows, and their faces were just all messed up. i know how the body operates and functions normally. so when i see arms, legs, necks, etc. being hyper-extended and twisted, i know it has to hurt. this is why i have to squeal and cover my eyes. ouch! the guys made us laugh though. their cheering and groans were enough entertainment for the whole night. lastly, i will leave you with some pics...isn't it funny how in every group pic of girls, we always seem to end up doing the "sorority squat?" one day our knees will not be able to get us back up. i know karla's seem to pop every time she tries. when she hits the floor one day, i am going to laugh...and then take a picture! =P