Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving thursday's thirteen

this week i am going to change things up a bit considering it is thanksgiving today. instead, i am going to post 13 things that i am thankful for, and in no particular order. so here i go...

1.) i am thankful for God. i am glad that there is a higher being in my life that i believe in and can feel comfort with when life gets me down. if i didn't have prayer and hope that He can pull me through a situation, i don't know where i would be today.

2.) i am thankful for these gas prices. every day they seem to just keep dropping and dropping. it makes me giddy every time i pass a gas station with a lower price than the last one i saw. as one of my friends have said, it almost makes you want to do something crazy like store a ton of it in your basement...almost. :)

3.) i am thankful for my mabster. she is so sweet and innocent, and so full of happiness. she surprises me every day with something new. she is constantly learning, and i like to think she is going to be smart just like her daddy. i see a lot of both me and jay in her, and it's awesome.

4.) i am thankful for my scrapbooks. even though at times i have the worst case of scrapper's block and am ready to just quit all together, i sit in front of all those memories and want to cherish them. it is amazing how full your heart can feel after looking through all the pics of various events, vacations, and every day life. reminiscing through them feels amazing. because after all, you don't know where you're going till you know where you've been.

5.) i am thankful for the grunt. she is beautiful. she is simple and content. i can read her cues like the back of my hand, and knowing her like that makes me feel like a good mother. i want nothing more in the world for my little girls, but to make them feel safe and secure.

6.) i am thankful for etoh. some nights it is much needed. whether it's being enjoyed with the hubby, or a night out with the girls, it really does make for a good time. it gives me confidence and helps me loosen up. it's a huge stress reliever for me, and allows me to tell people just how much i love them without feeling all awkward. hehe.

7.) i am thankful for nap time. there are many days that only nap time can calm me down. when i've been on the go, go, go, i rely on nap time to save me from the chaos and help me veg out. it's quiet me time and is a necessity.

8.) i am thankful for my husband. we are so much alike it's scary. it's nice that we have some much in common and enjoy all the same things. we have so much history, interests, time, goals, and effort invested into each other that we know we are stuck with each other for the rest of our lives. and knowing that makes me feel grateful.

9.) i am thankful for my in-laws. surprisingly, we all get along great, and i am proud to call them family. i know they would do anything for me and vice versa.

10.) i am thankful for TBDMGE. i have made some awesome friends in this group, and these women teach me so much. everybody treats my kids as if they were their own, and it's awesome. there's just something about being a mother within this group that teaches you how to stand back from any situation to see the big picture. and once you figure that out, it's uplifting and freeing.

11.) i am thankful for my parents. they have sacrificed so much for me so that i can receive a good education in private school for 13 years and play every sporting event or extra-curricular activity that my little heart desired. my mom never spent a penny on anything new for herself. it was always about us. her kids. she is the most unselfish, giving, caring person i know, and i know that she would do anything for us.

12.) i am thankful for music. music can put me in the best mood regardless of how my day has been. certain songs can bring back so many memories and feelings that make you remember good old times. some songs will make you cry, and others will make you want to shake your laffy taffy all night long. i live for music.

and lastly,

13.) i am thankful for patience. some times i lack this extremely, and other times it is embedded in me. if i tend to get annoyed with something, patience helps me to realize that this too shall pass.