Thursday, November 6, 2008

thursday's thirteen

i've read on other blogs about their "thursday's thirteen" and fell in love with the idea. all it is, is 13 things that you just want to share. so here goes mine...

1.) i heart being active. i like to experience different things, and for the most part, i enjoy being on the go, go, go.

2.) i have learned to worry less. i use to worry about the littlest things, but as i have gotten older i realize that in the long scheme of things, it doesn't matter.

3.) i am grateful for my family, but more importantly my husband. he busts his ass every day at work, and then comes home to take over the girls for me so that i can either go downstairs for some quiet time or go out with my friends. he is simply amazing, and i really feel that i have outdone myself by finding him.

4.) i am so sick and tired of the noggin channel. all the mabster wants to do is watch cartoons ALL DAY LONG. i know the words to every song on every show, and so does hubby. the grunt even hums to them on occasion. =P

5.) the grunt is a sleeping champ. she sleeps so much more than what i remember of the mabster doing. i am definitely going to miss when she outgrows this phase.

6.) i am SO glad that the presidential election is over with. even though "my guy" did not win, i am glad it is behind us. politics definitely bring out the worst in people, and i am done with it. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

7.) i hate laundry. it is never-ending. it especially sucks when you have a hubby who changes his outfit 3 times a day as if it were a clothes, gym clothes, at-home-bum clothes. even when i put a dent in it, it still looks as if you can't tell.

8.) i love being a twin. it's like an automatic best friend for life who doesn't get jealous when another "best friend" comes into the picture. i heart you both, and you know who you are. :)

9.) sometimes i feel like something tremendously horrible is going to happen to me because i have already been far too blessed and lucky. does that make sense? i know it's odd, but sometimes i feel guilty for how good i have it.

10.) i hate drama. i hate confrontation. i am glad i married a man who feels the same way.

11.) i had an "i love you" war with the mabster today. it was fun and super sweet. i'd tickle her and say "i love you" while she giggled and said, "i love you too." we did this repeatedly for about 10 minutes. it gave me butterflies.

12.) i love the computer far too much these days. when it's nap time or bedtime, i'm on it. it is my source of relief and sanity. i don't watch tv anymore because i'd rather be on the internet chatting it up with friends. if you ask me if i saw a certain show, i have no idea. not unless it's recorded on dvr, i'm not watching it.

and lastly,

13.) if my kid eats any more toothpaste while i'm not looking, i will take her down to the poison control center myself. good grief, she is sneaky!!


Anonymous said...

Kim...i just need to tell you how much i enjoy reading your probably think i'm some loser with no life of my own but...the computer is my time its what i do when the kids are napping or in bed and your blog always brings a smile to my face! the 13 things are great and we are so much alike in so many ways i believe....we really need to get together. i know what you mean about the noggin channel...i don't know the words to any of the top 20 list but ask me a song on noggin and i know it word for word!

so please keep the blog going because it is very good reading for me!

lov ya girl!


Kim said...

awww, thanks amy! i'm so glad you enjoy reading it. i plan to later make a scrapbook out of certain posts (ya know, the non-drunk ones) so that i can remember the good, bad, and ugly parts of parenthood.

we should definitely get together some time...if only to sing noggin songs! :) love you too!

Yankee Belle said...

If it isnt scrapbooked, it didnt happen! =)

Kim said...

i LOVE that magnet you got me!!

Hill Family said...

I'm glad to know my hubby isn't the only one who changes clothes 3 (or more) times a day!!!!

Seis said...

I HATE laundry too. I feel like sisyphus. Everyday, I do the laundry, and I every day I waske up to more dirty laundry. I don't get Random_mommy and her cazy love for laundry. She blogged once that it gives he a feeling of completion. Me, the is like running on a treadmill. It keeps going but i never get anywhere.