Thursday, November 13, 2008

thursday's thirteen

1.) guess what i did 3 months ago today? yep, i popped out my sweet little grunt, and our world has never been the same. i love everything about her, but especially those chubby cheeks. happy 3 months sweet grunt!

2.) i am loving these gas prices right now. i filled up my tank yesterday for under 30 bucks. definitely haven't done that in a long time. hopefully, the prices will stay low because the grunt goes through formula like a horse!

3.) the mabster is going to the auburn game again on saturday with her lola and pawpaw. i'm just saying now, that if we beat georgia (and hell freezes over), i am claiming the mabster as a good luck charm.

4.) i realize how thankful i am for our lawn guys. now i can actually see each stair as i go down them instead of stepping on a heapful of crunchy leaves. they love me and my family's safety and because of that, i am grateful.

5.) has anyone ever noticed that no matter how much sleep you don't get, if you're doing something that makes you happy, it doesn't bother you as much? i haven't been sleeping worth crap lately, but still seem to be in good spirits. i say this now, and watch, tomorrow i will be in a foul mood. hehe.

6.) i am going out to dinner with an old friend i went to nursing school with tonight. haven't seen her in quite awhile. she's the type you can not see for what seems like ages, but then pick up as if you were still right there in each other's daily lives. she's just funny great company, and i can't wait to see her!

7.) why is it that when one light bulb goes out, they all do at the same time? this annoys the piss out of me. our bathroom lights have fizzed out slowly one by one. every time i change one, there goes the other one. it's like they know..."there goes my lover, guess it's my time to bid adieu too."

8.) we're going over to our friend's house on saturday. the guys want to get together to watch the UFC fight on tv. i'm thinking that the combination of high levels of testosterone and beer should be interesting.

9.) i heart driving. sometimes i just drive around for the fun of it. i like feeling in control, listening to good music, and letting my mind wander. this time of year is my favorite though. driving around looking at the color of the trees just makes me feel refreshed.

10.) i have discovered a new found love for painting. i have noticed too, that what you paint looks even better the next morning once you have stepped away from it. after staring at it for 3 hours straight, your eyes get a bit funky. looking at it now makes me feel proud.

11.) i think hubby read my post about laundry last week so he tried to help out (god love him). i don't like it. i appreciate the thought and helpfulness, but he messes up my system. and yes, believe it or not, there is a method to my madness.

12.) the mabster is obsessed with the songs that she has learned from dance class. it's cute. she sings them all the time, and even holds her 2 babydoll's hands as she runs around in a circle. where the hell is my video camera??

and lastly,

13.) hubby's wedding band is super loose on him right now. he's lost 39.5 pounds and has to leave it at home when he goes to the gym... think he's trying to tell me something? hehe. =P


Heather S. said...

A few things:

5) Have you ever actually BEEN in a bad mood?!?!? ;)
7) all of my stupid lightbulbs are going out right now too. Drives me nuts. Nuts I'm telling you!
13) 39.5 pounds!!!! HELL YEAH! Gooooooo JayDoug! That is very impressive!!

Seis said...

No she has never been in a bad mood. I want to go paint on a weekened. We need to do it again when I am not so busy.

Kim said...

i promise you that i have been in a bad mood plenty of times...just ask poor jaydoug. ;)

Kim said...

wow seis, we pretty much posted at the exact same time! scary. we'll definitely go paint on a weekend. you just tell us when, and we'll be there!

Hill Family said...

Happy 3 months sweet little grunt!!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in on painting on a weekend - I think I've found a new hobby!
Oh, and I've got 27+ years of experience with Kimmie's bad moods...they are NOT fun at all. They are quite hysterical when they're all done and over with. ;)
~ Karla

Kim said...

hahaha! so true karla maria...thank god we no longer have to share a car, eh!? whew, those were some rough years! =P