Thursday, November 20, 2008

thursday's thirteen

1.) i was a productive mofo around the house this week. it felt awesome, and i've finally caught up on laundry. nothing feels better than walking into a clean house. if nothing else in my life is organized, at least my house can be...for a brief moment at least.

2.) i think it's cute when i bump into something and say, "oh sorry," and then the mabster responds with, "it was an accident mommy." i love that sweet child.

3.) i realize why i slept like crap last week. three words... milo's. sweet. tea.

4.) i love when my family and friends appreciate the 50 million pics i take. granted, i know there are days when nobody wants to take a picture so i try not to force it upon them (only if you're blue momma though =P). but when people constantly ask me, "where's your camera?," it feels good. when it's expected, it doesn't leave me much room for disappointment considering the damn thing is pretty much surgically attached to my hand.

5.) tita karmie is taking the mabster to the mcwane center today. i don't know why she is so good to me. :)

6.) our last uab home game is this saturday. it is going to be a very festive tailgate. there's like 3 cornhole tournaments going on which i seemed to have signed myself up for all 3, not sure yet how that's going to work. and we are also having an AOII alumnae party at the tailgate as well. as for the game, we may suck it up, but thank god basketball season is finally here...we rock at that!!

7.) i had a horrible tummy bug last week. i felt incredibly nauseous with hot and cold sweats all week long. i would give another detail, but i can guarantee that you don't want to hear it. the only good thing about it was when it was over, and i stepped on the scale and lost 3 pounds. nice!

8.) the mabster is the hugest daddy's girl. if i tell her she can't do something or get on to her for anything, she automatically starts crying and asks for daddy. i hope this is just a phase and it doesn't last long. there is no way that i'm going to let my kid turn into one of those girls on mtv's "sweet sixteen."

9.) my itch for home decorating has come to surface again, especially for downstairs. looks like i will be asking for gift cards again this year for christmas. i heart gift cards. they're perfect for when i want to get something, but don't want to bother asking the hubby.

10.) the grunt loves laying on her back and playing on her play mat, but she despises tummy time. she will only do tummy time for about 5-10 minutes and then she is done. the mabster was the opposite at this age. she loved tummy time, but hated being on her back. the mabster also rolled over for the first time (from back to belly) at 3 months, but i honestly don't see the grunt caring to roll over any time soon. she is quite content just laying there.

11.) i can't believe that thanksgiving is next week. NEXT WEEK!! holyhell, it feels like it was the 4th of july yesterday! where, oh where is the time going!?

12.) myspace is old and tired. the facebook is where it is at right now. i am addicted. the pics are so easy and quick to upload, and family i never knew i had are finding me. it's great to see their pictures as well considering half of them live in california, and i definitely don't see a road trip in my future any time soon.

and lastly,

13.) i don't understand why my wonderful hubby decides to pass gas and then feels the need to wave it in my face. always. it never fails. he does this and crop dusting all the time. it is not cute nor funny, but disgusting. He. is. disgusting. does anyone else's hubby do this too, or am i just that lucky? =P


jaydoug said...

now you're talking about my fart tactics? is anything sacred anymore? :)

Kim said...

lol...when it comes to your a$$ i don't think so. sorry dear, but when half of these moms met you for the first time, you were baring that shiny moon down a waterslide! =P

Anonymous said...

I have seen Jay's full moon so many times, I might as well be a werewolf - Ooow ooooooh!! (that's my attempt at a werewolf cry) :P
~ Karla

Kim said...

nice karla, i love it! lol

Poodlehead said...

I also enjoy weight loss from being sick. Is this a disorder? ;)

UAB mom said...

about number does it ALL the time!!! i am SO glad to hear that i'm not the only wife that has to suffer!!