Sunday, November 9, 2008

war damn eagle!

lola and pawpaw took the mabster to her first auburn game ever. they played UT-Martin and it was the tiger's homecoming. the night before, lola painted the mabster's finger and toenails orange. she loved it. they left early saturday morning for the plains, and my mom dressed up the mabster in game day orange. i swear she looked like a "mini-lola." it was super cute.
lola and pawpaw told me how they walked around everywhere while the mabster enjoyed looking at all the blow-up auburn tigers that were being displayed at the tailgates. then they went to get the mabster's face painted like a tiger and she loved it. they said that she couldn't stop looking in the mirror and smiling as she growled and laughed.
later they went to the tigerwalk where the mabster met "aubie" as well as some of the players. lola said that she kept saying that she wanted to go see the tiger, but as soon as they got close enough to take a picture with him, the mabster got scared and wouldn't look at the camera. this is definitely no surprise to me. she loves animals and big characters from afar, but once they get too close, she starts shaking her head and saying, "i don't like it." what a sweet mess.
lola and pawpaw said that everyone loved her cute little tiger face, and that they taught her the cheers as they were walking into the stadium. once they got to their seats, they said that the mabster got all bright-eyed and was amazed at how many people were around. they said that she loved waving around her pom-pom during the kick-off as she screamed "waaaaarrr eagle, hey!" with everyone. after that, too much excitement had finally kicked in, and she fell asleep in her lola's arms for the whole first half. too cute.
they said that the mabster had a blast and was well-behaved the whole time. in fact, the only time she got fussy was as they were walking to the stadium and she said, "i want daddy." then my mom said that once she got into the stadium, she completely forgot about us. funny. i don't know who had a better parents for making great memories with the mabster, or the mabster for experiencing one of her firsts. i could tell that it made my mom and dad so happy to take her to the game with them. even better since they drove home with a "W" under their belts. they already want to take her again to the auburn/georgia game next week, but they weren't sure if they could find a ticket. as jay and i went to pick her up that night, this is what we saw...the mabster was spent! lola and pawpaw said that she had the time of her life, and that they wore her out. she slept the whole car ride home and did not move as they brought her in. she slept like a champ that night, and told us all about her "tigers" the next morning. good thing we're already saving up in her college fund, huh?


Yankee Belle said...

I had to squint to read this post as the colors hurt my eyes, but she makes a cute cheerleader! Lola and Paw Paw look so proud!

Anonymous said...

That is the CUTEST thing ever!! I bet Lola, Pawpaw, and Abby had a blast. She did look like a "little Lola" in all her orange. It's a damn good thing AU came out with a "W"....
~ Karla

AUbiegirl01 said...

I, of course, LOVE this!!! I knew I liked you for some reason....your family is die hard!!!!

Kim said...

heehee :)