Saturday, November 29, 2008

war damn it!

tonight we watched the iron bowl at our house and surrounded ourselves with auburn fans only. the reason...we knew the tigers were going to get our bums handed to us and didn't want to hear the 6 year build up of ragging from the bama fans during the slaughter. i'll admit, ya'll deserve every right to yell "roll tide roll" at us after tonight. that game was horrible. just ask the grunt. i have never seen her smile or laugh as much as she did while in the man cave watching it with us. the game was a joke.
jay made chicken and dumplins which were perfect for the cold rainy gloomy day. in a way, it was the perfect comfort food that warmed us up and made us not care as much while watching the shut out. honestly, half of us didn't even finish watching the game. we left at the end of the 3rd quarter for some retail therapy. i started my christmas shopping, and it felt good to mark some people off my list. if the auburn tigers weren't going to be productive, at least i was. oh well, no biggie. at least we can't lose another game this year, right!? :)


Anonymous said...

hey jason....i need a recipe for chicken and dumplings....i've been looking for one for years now!


Kim said...

i'll email it to you amy. it's really quite simple...i've even made it before, and i can't cook! =P

Anonymous said...

okay thanks! simple is "key"!