Friday, December 19, 2008

1 man's trash = 1 man's treasure

i attended my very first "white elephant" christmas pajama party last night, and it was a blast! everybody brought a gift that we did not have to go out and purchase. it had to be something we already had laying around our house that we no longer cared for and were willing to part with. so in other words, just cluttery junk...stuff you'd stick in a yard sale. blue momma hosted it at her house, and on the evite she made the statement, "Hell, I don't care if you come in your pajamas - just come!" so guess what? from that one remark, it turned into a christmas pajama party as well. again, i love a good theme added to a theme. it was awesome rolling up to her house nice and cozy, and then leaving late just to pass out in the bed considering we were already in our jammies.we started the night off in the kitchen, eating and drinking for an hour or so, and then we headed to the den to draw our numbers. all of the gifts were just great! i unwrapped a cardboard life-sized picture of the incredible hulk brought by k-mom, and then laura opened a variety of goodies ranging from candles, a vibrator (never been opened. it's just common courtesy =P), placemats, and a porn on VHS. key word, VHS. i didn't think they still made those...that's how old it was. yankee belle was the proud giver of that random assortment. it was hilarious! then bluemomma was the next person to go who picked up the gift brought by seis. now this gift was my all time favorite. it was a pop-up sex book. it even had side tabs that you could move up and down that would make the man's hips move. it was awesome. she's a librarian and knows a good book when she sees gift after gift was opened. gasps were replaced with laughs, and we were loving every second of it. so seis ended up stealing bluemomma's gift so BM got to pick again. she picked the gift in which i brought which consisted of a framed glamor shot picture of herself (since she couldn't make it to the other xmas party), cocktail glasses that light up, and a "position of the day: sex every day in every way" was slightly hard for me to part with that one. LOL. funny thing is, is that mommadrool later stole that gift away from her. here is a picture of all of us with our proud was a ton of fun! some of the gifts (the majority actually) were dirty and sexual which made it hilarious. i felt like i was in the 6th grade again at a friend's slumber party and we just found her older sister's romance novel. jackpot! the night was filled with humor all around us. bluemomma went and gave me a nair strip so that i could give it to hubby so that he could wax his hairy arse after looking at his mooning pic. priceless. also, heather and i were matching bobo's that night wearing the exact same pair of pajamas. my twinkie couldn't make it that night due to work so she filled in for her. overall, it was a blast. i love these ladies!!


Jamie said...
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Hear Their Everywear said...

I am so upset I missed this gathering! I have awesome gifts that I could have included. I will be up on top of any upcoming parties...LOL

Kim said...

we missed you HTE! don't worry, bunco will be soon!