Sunday, December 14, 2008

breakfast with santa

saturday morning, we rolled out of bed, got ready, and then headed to one of our local churches to eat breakfast with santa at 9:00am. aubiegirl made a post about it on our mommy message board, and we couldn't resist not attending considering it was so close to home, and well, we think she's awesome! we went with blue momma, yankee belle and their families, and had a great time.we were eating a yummy breakfast while the mabster colored a pretty picture of rudolph when santa made his big entrance. a hush went over the crowd as the kids were in awe that the big man was coming to hang out with them. the mabster, lil B, and the punkin went running toward him. santa went on stage to talk to everyone for a bit and then cruised around the crowd. i got the cutest video of the mabster running up to him only for her to shyly stand two inches away while quietly mumbling something. it reminded me of "a christmas story" when ralphie got stage fright once he finally got to see santa himself and forgot to say what he really wanted. too cute.overall, it was a great experience. we've never done a "breakfast with santa" before so it was a lot of fun. so thank you aubiegirl for making us aware of such a great event. you did a fabulous job helping organize it!


AUbiegirl01 said...

AWWWE!!! Thanks so much! I'm so happy you guys came and had a great time. Wish I could have actually got a chance to hang with you guys for a minute!!!

Kim said...

yes, you were slammed, but we totally understood. i'm just glad we did catch a glimpse of you!