Thursday, December 4, 2008

bridesmaids are the best!

tonight i went over to a dear friend's house to eat dinner and catch up. we try to do this at least monthly because we all know how busy our schedules can be. i go way back with this girls. they are awesome. we use to hang out every day with each other while in college, and we were all bridesmaids in each others weddings. jessi is the last one to get married, and we are all super excited about it. especially karla and i because we know that we won't be knocked up come april. therefore, that open bar and live band are going to be the perfect combination for us to celebrate in come her big day. it sucked because we didn't have that opportunity with talley's. plus, missing her bachelorette party was no fun so we will definitely be making up for that one! anyways, i love you girls, and thank you for making our friendship SO incredibly easy!