Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas morning

this morning the mabster woke up bright and early...she knew santa was suppose to come and leave presents under the christmas tree if she had been a good girl. as soon as she woke up, we whispered to her, "i wonder if santa came?" as jay put her down and she turned the kitchen corner, her sleepy eyes turned into bright eyes full of pure excitement. it was the sweetest look i have ever seen. then she flew both arms up as she ran to the christmas tree. her first words, "my jeep!" SO sweet. she frantically went to town trying to unwrap her presents. it was funny though because at first, she started tearing off a small piece one after the other. jay said, "oh lord, we are going to be here all day." well she finally got the hang of it, and wrapping paper was everywhere. santa brought the mabster a barbie jeep, a little castle dollhouse, a barbie vanity with makeup, a pink fru-fru play phone, a woof-woof, a magnetic dress up doll, and a band in a box. i thought the band in the box was a great idea because whenever we'd go to playgroups, the mabster always loved to play with the other kid's maracas and tambourines. well at 7:00 in the morning, i re-thought that decision. i remember mumbling, "santa hates us" as the mabster loudly clashed her cymbals together. augh. looking back though, it was pretty funny.the mabster loved playing with all of her new toys. she even had to take her new barbie jeep for a spin inside the house. daddy was teaching her how to drive it, and it was hilarious. i'm just glad the christmas tree is still standing. talk about a lot of laughs as she kept going back and forth in such a small area. here are some pictures of her playing with all her pink possessions...well around 9:30am, we cooked breakfast for everyone at our house. jay made the best cheese grits, eggs, bacon, and toast. i couldn't help but sing, "there's a party in my tummy. so yummy, so yummy." it was delicious. everyone was still in their pajamas, and the kids were still so excited about what santa had brought them. i heart christmas morning.
after breakfast, the mabster and her cousin terri wanted to ride her new barbie jeep around in the backyard. we were all excited to see how this was going to play out. thank god for terri being a little older than the mabster so that she could be there to correct her mistakes and steer the wheel. at first the mabster was steering until they both realized that they were just going around in circles because the mabster drove with a hard cut to the right the whole time. it was funny. so the mabster ended up putting the pedal to the metal while her cousin terri drove. they made quite the team.


Hill Family said...

I love all the pics!!! Christmas with little ones is WONDERFUL. Merry Christmas to the sweetest mabster and grunt!

Kim said...

thank you so much A! christmas is definitely 10x cooler with kids. hope you and LM had a very merry christmas as well!