Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas night

after a much-needed nap after christmas morning, we all got ready, and headed down to the restaurant again for our big christmas celebration. for the past 3 years, both sides of our families have come together to celebrate with the douglas'. i love the fact that our families actually all get along. it's great, and i am very thankful for that. there were about 40 of us there, so that is why this year everyone decided to draw names. all of the kids received presents from everyone though, and really racked up. i think we need a second house just for this stuff alone.also, i couldn't resist taking a picure of the mabster donning one of her christmas presents that her BFF gave her. she wore her "home field sports grill" apron as she posed in the kitchen with her nana lin. mom and dad loved it, and are going to have her peeling potatoes in the back in no time. it was super cute, and lil B even has a matching one as well. thank you for making it for her, grands! that was very thoughtful.we gathered up all the kids and babies and took a group picture. this year's christmas was super special considering there are 4 new babies in the family. wow. that reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, "when your family expands, your blessings multiply." so true. the kids rode around the restaurant in the barbie jeep, and auntie jess even got a turn as well. it was too funny.once everyone arrived, we started opening up gifts. the mabster started opening up her own, but with each one she opened, she got super side-tracked and wanted to play with it. i had to keep everything up to speed because between her and the grunt, they got spoiled!! the mabster got so many great gifts including a ton of dress up clothes and shoes. she loves them all and had to wear one asap. the grunt got so many great toys that the mabster never had which was excellent considering they weren't hand-me-downs... they were her own.oh, and the highlight of my night was when auntie jess surprised me with my gift. as i opened it up, i assumed it was a gift card because that's all i had put on my list. well as i began to read the card super fast, i saw "duoglider...santa's sleigh...aka, back of my trunk." i'm not even sure if i read the whole thing. i just saw those keys words, jumped up, and asked, "did you get me my double stroller!?" sure enough, she did. i about shat a brick. i just assumed jay was getting it for me so when he didn't i was honestly a little bummed, but glad of what i got instead. auntie jess said that she read my blog, and the day she read it, she called jay and told him not to get it for me that she was. amazing. sneaky, but amazing. thank you auntie jess, you're the best!so once everyone finished unwrapping their presents, the food was ready. nana lin worked hard making the entire menu which consisted of the perfect meal. we all said a prayer before we sat down to eat, and then opened up our holiday english crackers. for you see, jay's grandparents are originally from england, and that is another tradition that we do every year. they're super fun to pop open and consist of a little toy, a joke, and a goofy paper hat. it's tradition to wear our goofy christmas hats throughout dinner. fun, fun! so thank you nana lin for always feeding our hungry mouths with the best food ever, spoiling us and our kids with awesome christmas presents, and making such great memories with us all. we love you!lastly, i will leave you with a picture of the grunt. she has been amazing for us during these hectic last two days. i love how she can take a nap anywhere even if it is in the middle of an extremely loud restaurant (and yes, she was holding down a pool table =P). this is what i'm about to partake in...watching the back of my eyelids. goodnight everyone. hope you all had a great christmas with the ones you love!


Poodlehead said...

asleep on the pool table is AWESOME!!!

Kim said...

lol, i knew you'd enjoy that! i should save this pic and then compare it to the matching one that she will have the night she turns 21. hehe.