Sunday, December 28, 2008

congrats godson

this morning, we went to st. francis xavier catholic church to witness in celebration the baptism of my nephew carson robert. he is the sweetest little man out there, and i was proudly given the honor of being named his godmother. the ceremony went on without a hitch, and carson was amazing throughout it all. seriously guys, he is a dream baby! drew, tre's younger brother, was named the godfather. he is a marine, and the only time he could make it home to celebrate was during christmas. thus the reason for carson being baptized now. here is a picture of carson with his mom and dad, the priest, and his godparents. (woot-woot, that's me!)after the ceremony, we all walked to the front of the church for family pictures. karmie joked around with the priest the whole time, and loved the fact that father was trying to get her back into church before hers (st. barnabas) died out with all of it's old members. it was pretty funny. there's nothing like a silly old priest trying to lure you back into catholic calastentics. so now i leave you with a quick family picture of "the johnson's," as well as an overall group pic. congrats carson, may you walk in the faith alongside the big JC, and know that He is always watching over you. we love you, and congrats! i am so very proud to be your godmother.


Anonymous said...

"God bless you, my son." I was impressed with how calm he was during the annointing myself. I for sure thought he would try to jump in the fountain like it was bathtime. Kimmie, you are the BEST and most loving Godmother EVAH! We love you!
~ Karla

Kim said...

awww, spanks my karla maria! you know what my favorite part was? when carson sneezed on the priest as he was doing the sign of the cross on his forehead. that was pretty funny.

i am so glad that he is my godson. he is just beautiful you know, and there's nobody else that i would want to call as my own. i heart you guys! :)