Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"glamor shots-r-us"

tonight we had our monthly mom's night out. it consisted of a dirty santa party/dinner at bonefish. the food like always was delicious, and the company was even better. we got there, got settled, and ordered drinks and appetizers. we chatted until it was time to play dirty santa. there were about 35 of us there so instead of drawing numbers and stealing gifts, we passed our gift down 3 spots and to the left. i was excited. so let me give you a bit of info before i go on...let's rewind, shall we. so during the biggest loser party awhile back, NLD was in her cups and had the best idea ever. she thought it would be hilarious if for our dirty santa gifts, she took our pictures in a cheesy get-up and pose, and then turned them into those old school glamor shots. so that's what we did. we were SO super excited and giddy as all get out. we put make-up on, smiled with the cheesiest poses, and then NLD worked her magic. she softened and faded the pictures, added christmas icons floating around us, and even put the shiny glimmery "bing!" in our teeth. it was pure awesomeness.
okay. so we were suppose to keep this top secret. we weren't allowed to tell anyone our surprise or post any pictures of this on facebook...do you know how hard that was for me? i was totally itching to, but i knew i had to wait.

so fast-forward.

well the dirty santa gift had a $20 limit to it and wasn't meant to be a gag gift. so we figured, well everyone can always use a really nice picture frame (especially around the holidays) so we'll just put our glamor shot inside it. genius, i tell you! YB claimed that the picture was the practical real gift and the frame was the gag. lol. i'll have to admit that i was a bit nervous on who was going to get my gift. i was seriously hoping they would have a good sense of humor and find it hilarious. so when they said pass it to the left, 3 spots down, and i see poodlehead sitting there, i was relieved. if anybody understands a good laugh, it's this gal. everybody opened theirs, and we all laughed. it was great. here's a pic of us with the proud winners of our glamor shots. thanks girls for appreciating our gift, ya'll are the best!so after everybody asked around, "what'd you get, what'd you get!?," our dinner arrived and we ate. we talked to those sitting near us, and then got up and migrated to the other end of the table to talk to others. everybody kept talking to me about their reaction when they saw jaydoug's mooning picture, and how they thought it was hysterical. i honestly didn't know what to say so i just shook my head. i have no excuse for him...he is what he is, bare ass and all...god love him! overall, it was a great night. i'll leave you with a somewhat group pic. i think this is about half of us because some had already left. oh, and can i just say that i loves me some bang bang shrimp!!


Poodlehead said...

all right lady - that was gut-splitting hilarious. I thought you got a pic of my utter surprise when I realized that you were in my frame. That was a great idea.

I cannot believe that you kept a secret like that for so long! Good thing you had other people to laugh about it with until it was revealed.

My2Suns said...

I didn't get to see them until the very end when we walked out, too funny!

I too LOVE the Bang Bang Shrimp! The scallops were also YUMMY!

Yankee Belle said...

Bang Bang shrimp was the bomb! Ut was a great night! =)

Kim said...

PH, i can't believe i kept it secret that long either! lol. i did get a pic of you when you first opened it, but it was all blurry...guess my hands were shaking from laughing when i took it.

and yes, i want some bang bang now!!