Thursday, December 25, 2008

happy birthday papa john!

wednesday night marked christmas eve as well as papa john's 55th birthday. it's tradition for jay's side of the family to eat dinner that night in celebration of both. this year, nana lin decided to host it at the restaurant considering that now the family is getting way too big to fit that many chairs down one table, the huge stoves in the kitchen make everything so much easier to cook, and the clean up is fast and easy with a 30 second dish washer. plus, if any thing is held at the restaurant, it's a guaranteed good time. here's papa john's birthday mug shot (he cracks me up!)...the eggnog was flowing, the kids were running around every where playing with the darts and pool tables while the big kids (us) played guitar hero on the big screen tv. i brought an old fluffy comforter to throw on the floor so that the babies could lay on it while rolling around and grunting at each other. nan made an awesome salad (with no nuts...inside joke =P) and a huge pot of yummy homemade chili. it was delicious. we were all mom thought it'd be funny to put all the candles super close to each other on dad's birthday cake so that when she walked out with it, it'd be a massive fire ball of glory. that it was. i helped her light the cake, and we had to work fast before the whole thing went up in smoke. you should have seen the look on the mabster's face when we brought it out. the mabster also tried to help papa john blow out the candles, and she was the first to start singing "happy birthday." then we had to take the traditional "fingers" birthday picture as everyone displayed his age with their fingers. it was cute and always fun. so here's to you papa john, happy 55th birthday...may you have many more fingers to show for!