Wednesday, December 17, 2008

highlights of today

highlight #1
this morning was a slow start. it was so incredibly hard to get moving and the girls ready for dance class after the outing last night. there's no way we would skip considering how much the mabster loves it. so we get ready, walk out the door, and actually make it to dance class a little early which was a complete surprise because i thought we'd be incredibly late. well, today's dance class was a fun one.the girls got to sing and dance to their usual songs, and then the moms got to come in and watch while taking some pics if desired. of course, i had my camera, i don't leave home without it.they danced around with bells as the pianist played "jingle bells." then we all got to sit down on a blanket and eat some snacks with our girls. it was nice. i'm glad we didn't miss it.

highlight #2

(yes, i saved the best for last) drum roll please...
the grunt accomplished her first big developmental milestone today. she ROLLED OVER from back to belly, and it was the cutest thing ever! she's been trying so hard for a couple of days now so i knew it was just a matter of time. she'd roll on her side, arch her right leg over, and rock herself...then all of a sudden she did it, and her head popped straight up as if she were saying, "heeeyy!!" it was too frakkin' cute. i rolled her back over to see if she'd do it again, and she did. she was in the best mood and i think she likes the new discovery she's made. congrats little grunt, the world awaits!


Anonymous said...

Abby is one beautiful ballerina!

YAY Lyla!!!


Kim said...

thanks amy!