Tuesday, December 2, 2008

it's a conspiracy!

the mabster: "psst, so did you hear?"

the grunt: "ahh gooo..."

the mabster: "santa's coming. we get lots of presents if we're good..."

the grunt: (no expression)

the mabster: "lucky for you, big sis knows how to fake being good."

the grunt: "ooooooh" (smiles big)

the mabster: "that's right baby lyla, just follow my lead."

the grunt: (excitedly looking around)

the mabster: "we'll have santa wrapped around our little finger!"


Anonymous said...


and don't you agree that bumbo's are the greatest?!?!


Hill Family said...

How sweet!

Kim said...

i agree, bumbo's are DA BOMB!! especially because lyla's in the phase now where she is sick of always laying down. so with the bumbo, she can sit up and look at her little world with a whole new perspective. i love it!

Yankee Belle said...

it does not get any cuter!!!!

K-Mom said...

LOL! You guys are in trouble! What sweet pictures...how can daddy (ahem, I mean Santa) resist leaving all the presents in the world for such beautiful girls?

MommaDrool said...

that is too cute!