Thursday, December 4, 2008

the mabster's thursday thirteen

the mabster has just been saying and doing the funniest stuff lately. she has a personality all her own, and i love her more than anything at this age. so this week's "thursday's thirteen" is dedicated to her. i feel like i might as well log it all here before she's a hormonal teenager who doesn't want to talk to me at all. so here's to you mabster, we love you...

1.) i told the mabster that santa was coming. then i asked her, "what does santa say?" she then screamed, "trick or treat!" in all honesty, i think these holidays are too close together and confuse my kid.

2.) if the mabster wants me to scoot over on the couch, instead of saying "move," she will say, "push mama, push!"

3.) the mabster is learning her please, thank you's, and you're welcome. she even says, "excuse me" after she passes gas...her tita karmie taught her that one. hearing it makes me the proudest.

4.) the other day, the mabster ran in the closet and closed the door. i asked her what she was doing and she said that she was hiding. i heard her, but decided to ask her again. obviously impatient and annoyed, she screamed as loud as she could "hiding!!" god help her if she ever has to play hide-and-go-seek with friends.

5.) the mabster has been hanging out with her tita karmie a lot more lately. she is winning the favorite tita award only because karla has one of her own now (in karla's words). so tita karmie decided to polish her award till it shined by teaching the mabster a song. it goes a little like this..."tita karmie, tita karmie, is my favorite. is my favorite. she is the best, she is the best. no one else. no one else" (sang in the tune of Frère Jacques). sad thing is, the mabster loves this song and sings it all the time. damn tita karmie for teaching her such a catchy jingle!

6.) this elf on the shelf thing is really working. the mabster has been on her best behavior for the past week. if she starts to do anything slightly wrong, i remind her that elvis the elf is watching, and that he is going to tell santa. i am really enjoying when is chritsmas? the end of august? of next next year? hehe.

7.) the mabster looks a her baby sister and laughingly says, "baby lyla has a little head." then she'll look at jay and say, "daddy has a big head!" as she laughs hysterically. i can't help but bend over laughing myself. god i love her.

8.) last night at the basketball game, the mabster said she liked the dragon. i told her that the dragon's name was blaze. then she said, "i like blaze dragon, i like baby dragon." you say tomato, i say tomoto.

9.) the other night at dinner, mitchelle told lil B that if she wasn't good, santa won't come to her house. the mabster quickly looked at him and said, "santa's coming to my house." she was so adamant and serious, it made us laugh.

10.) when anyone calls my phone whether it be my cell or the house phone, the mabster is the first one to answer it. she says, "hello? mommy's here. baby sister's here." and then hands me the phone. however, if the other person starts talking with her, she begins to ramble. give her a little, and she takes a lot.

11.) the mabster still likes to smell her markers before she starts coloring with them. i have bought washable ones and told her not to repeatedly. this is why an aquadoodle is on her christmas list for santa. sheesh.

12.) the mabster likes to play peek-a-boo with her reflection in the silver glass ornaments hanging from our christmas tree. she'll look at them up close, smile, and say "peek-a-boo!"

and lastly,

13.) i have always been the one to do the ritual of laying the mabster down for naps and bedtime. well the other night, i was busy feeding the grunt so jaydoug stepped up and decided that he would try. i was a bit skeptical but i knew she was exhausted so it just might work. the house was quiet as i listened to him whisper my usual "i love you. abby is sleepy, i'm sleepy too. time to go night-night in your big girl bed." just as i say. he aced it. but there was one thing i forgot to tell him. fortunately though, the mabster reminded him. she said, "daddy, put my other blankie on me too." since winter is now here, i bundle her up with two. jay saw the other blankie and wrapped her up again. she fell fast asleep. smiling jay came back to the den to tell me what the mabster realized he forgot.


Hill Family said...

How sweet and funny. They say the cutest things at this age!!

Anonymous said...

kids...gotta love them for all the laughs!

kim I gotta tell you a funny story about what ty said one day when he saw the picture of abby on the tricycle on the train tracks....he was looking at your pictures with me and he asked who that was and i said abby and then he screamed....
(and this is awful but i say it and its repeated sometimes)

"god damn it abby get off those train tracks there is a train coming" no lie he screamed it and i wanted to yell at him for saying "GD" but couldn't because i was luaghing to hard!
so i just wanted you to know that ty thought it was a bad idea for abby to be on those tracks! he was really worried!

my son....a royal mess!


Kim said...

bwah, hahaha!!! oh my god, i haven't laughed that hard in SOO long!! that is hilarious!! ty just knows that safety comes first, and etiquette is second. i love it. that is one of the BEST stories i have ever heard! thank you for sharing that with me!!

Anonymous said...

glad you found humor in that story and i hope you don't think i'm a bad momma because my kid said "GD"!

it was soooo funny though! because he screamed in fear!


Kim said...

hell, i'm catholic...GD is like second nature. LOL :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are too funny - I love it! Loved hearing all the stories about Abby - it's even more hilarious when I see her do it myself - God LOVE toddlers and their newfound diarrhea of the mouth!!
~ Tita Karla
PS. I will so overtake the favorite Tita award in good time! Karmie can polish it for now.... ;)

Kim said...

oh believe me karla, i know you will win that trophy in the long run...afterall, YOU are her godmother! :)

Anonymous said...

well i'm very bad for using it...i remeber when i first moved here and i would say it people here would look at me like i was the devil!


Poodlehead said...

who doesn't love to smell a good marker?