Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year's eve baby!!

before i begin, i just wanted to give a shout out to my karla maria for getting 10 inches of her hair chopped off and donating it to locks of love. i was there with her throughout her nervously excited journey, and words can't express how awesome i think she is for actually going through with it. karla has never cut her hair. ever. so this was a big step. you look fabulous karla maria, and i love the new do!okay so let's see, new year's eve started off with us dropping the girls off at lola and pawpaw's house. from there, we headed to a nice dinner at carrabba's where the bartender gave me free drinks all night. much appreciated. then we made a quick stop to the liquor store for some orange fanta and the captain. after the week i had, my intentions were to make the captain my go-to guy for the night. jaydoug was a close second. he didn't seem to mind, in fact, he was encouraging it. so off to brand and lisa's house for their annual nye house party. as soon as we got there, we made the rounds and said hey to everyone. here are the decent "let's get this party started" pics...well like any good party, the drinks started flowing, and it went down hill from there. the guys played outside and threw packs of fireworks into the fire pit all night. geniuses i tell you! jaydoug of course was the ringleader in the whole situation which doesn't surprise me since he does this with my family all the time. they'd throw the fireworks in and then run behind the garage as they watched. stupid, but redeemed with a hint of smarts. just a hint. meanwhile, the girls were inside talking about high school musical 3 and mexican muff. not sure how that got started or even were it finished, but it was hilarious.well, the clock was starting to turn midnight a lot quicker than we thought. lisa had a surprise for all of us and brought out a box of tooter shooters. the crowd went wild. even better that they were the "alabama slama" flavored ones. yikes! so we all made a pre-drinking toast before we watched the ball drop on the tele. we all knew we should do one before it hit midnight because after that, everyone was pretty much sucking face. =Pafter everyone threw back the shot, it was only minutes till the new year came. we anxiously watched and then counted down. 5...4...3...2...1...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! i got a little kissy-kissy from my babies' daddy, and then we did a cheesy champagne toast while locking arms. it was funny, straights were mounting and kissing the gays, and everyone was just seriously enjoying themselves and the love that filled the room. too much fun.then everyone headed outside where the guys started lighting off the big fireworks for the finale. they were absolutely beautiful, and i was actually quite impressed at them.after the ooo's and ahhh's of watching the fireworks, the party continued inside where the downstairs was turned into a dance club. the songs on the playlist ranged from billy joel's "we didn't start the fire" to brittney's "womanizer" to elton john's "bennie & the jets." it was great. good times, good times. happy new year everyone, peace out!!


Poodlehead said...

Karla's new cut is beautiful!!! I can't believe she's never had her hair cut. wow.

Anonymous said...

Now I've had my hair cut before, I'm not part of the Holy Cross religion or anything - but I've just never had it cut shorter than my shoulders. ;) Just wanted to clear that up. Thanks for the compliment. I do *heart* my hair and it was getting way too long, so I freely gave it away to someone who needs it.
~ Karla