Sunday, December 21, 2008

NOLA day one

this past weekend we headed down to naw'leans to help our friends patrick and meghan celebrate their big day. our flight was scheduled to take off at 11am, but there was a 3 hour delay due to snow. there was a group of us on the same flight so we figured that we'd all go ahead and start pre-drinking at the airport bar while waiting. i mean, we really didn't want to lose any of our precious drinking time, right? so once we get on the plane, it continued. we ended up getting free drinks because of the delay so everyone took advantage of it...not just with beer mind you, but hard liquor. not good. not good. so the flight was only an hour long if that and super cheap. jaydoug doesn't even recall the flight and this is probably once our plane lands and we get to the airport, bates had a surprise waiting for us. our very own limo. there was guy holding a sign with our names on it, and we felt like VIPs. it was great. the limo picked us up from the airport and dropped us off at our hotel, the maison dupuy. then on sunday, the same guy picked us up from our hotel and dropped us back off at the airport. it was great. absolutely no driving made for lots of drinking.once we got to our hotel, we all checked it, freshened up, and then met downstairs in the hotel bar. again, for some drinks. once everyone was there, we headed out to bourbon street. we met some more friends at razzoo's, and then we all decided to eat dinner at the rib room. the dinner, drinks, company, and atmosphere were awesome. the service? not so much. but what can you do other than moan and throw back some more drinks, right? there seems to be a pattern here. once we finished eating dinner, the plan was to meet the bride and groom at pat o'briens in the french quarters at 9:00pm. i love this place. every time we go to NOLA, it is a given that we hang out there. the dueling pianos and infamous hurricanes are awesome!! honestly, i think i had 7 of them that night...they taste like kool-aid, and after having two, you are already feeling warm and fuzzy.okay so at this point, everyone was feeling really good. i mean, really good. the talk of missing our kids had flown out the window, and conversations were replaced with shenanigans and drunken debauchery. we were all itching to dance so we headed to razzoo's. jay and i immediately headed for the dance floor where in fact i think we have made kid #3. LOL. but seriously, my hips are still killing me. getting old sucks. the girls were celebrating in shots, and you know everything has gone down hill when you're walking home with a hand grenade in one hand and pizza in the other (which btw, was never eaten =P).