Sunday, December 21, 2008

NOLA day two

i honestly don't remember much from the night before. i was beyond drunk and so was jay. we were on each other like white on rice, and it was fun. hehe. i don't remember the walk home, or how i ended up on the floor of our hotel room at 4am. all i know is that jay woke up saying my name and told me to get into bed. i woke up looking around, confused as to where i was, and slowly made it back into bed. wow. that was a first. did i mention that when i woke up, the room was absolutely freezing!? i guess we were so hot from the heat and humidity that we hiked down the thermostat to 50 degrees. it was SO cold that i think icicles were forming from our window. i digress. so the next morning, i am awakened by a text message at 9:30am that said, "how are you feeling champ?" my reply, "hungover? no. still inebriated? yes." and i was. seriously. so everyone made plans to meet at cafe du monde for some yummy beignets and coffee at 11:30am. it was delicious.we all laughed and talked about the night before as we walked around the french market. we did some shopping, and i ended up getting the mabster a cute little pink mask and a pink miniature bedazzled purse to play dress up with. i also got the grunt a pink rubber ducky beaded necklace, even though i knew the mabster was the one who would most likely really enjoy it. but nonetheless, she was in my thoughts as well. oh, i also had to purchase myself some pink slippers because my feet were absolutely killing me. all that walking around gave me blisters so putting on those grandma slippers felt fabulous! we walked around jackson square, looked at all the artwork and entertainers, and then headed to lunch at "mother's." this place was amazingly delicious! jay said that he remembered hearing about this place on the travel channel so we had to give it a shot. you know it must be good when there is a long line out the door waiting to be served.after lunch, we all walked back to our hotel where we decided that we'd take a nap and catch up on our sleep considering we were about to do it all over again. we slept, showered, and shaved, and then got ready for the wedding. we met everyone downstairs in the bar again and waiting for our bus to drive us to "rosy's jazz hall" where the wedding and reception were taking place. the place was gorgeous. i loved the whole rustic old feel to it with trees growing in the inside of the building. absolutely beautiful. we watched the ceremony from the balcony and it was sweet and simple.the reception was great. they had a live jazz band who had the best playlist. we danced for a good bit with breaks of socializing outside. one of the funniest things that happened throughout the whole weekend was when tony and jay decided to play a prank on stinky. they stole his cell phone and reprogrammed tony's number in place of a girl's that stinky met while on the plane. so every time tony went to text stinky, it would show up under her name. the texts that were going back and forth were hilarious!! we thought stinky really thought that the messages were coming from "mary," but he knew all along that they were coming from tony (thanks to luke) so he was keeping it going with lots of laughs. i wouldn't be surprised if stinky is still getting midget jokes and willy wonka comments from "mary." too funny.the wedding came to a close as the new mr. and mrs. merriss walked to their get-away car as we threw petals in celebration. congrats you guys, we love ya'll! patrick, good luck in iraq. we will definitely miss you and think of you always. best wishes for a wonderful marriage. you guys deserve the best!


Poodlehead said...

the pic of you dancing with the duck lips is hilarious! I can tell Momma is getting her groove on!!!

Kim said...

whew, momma had a VERY rough morning after that still hurts just looking at the pics. =P