Wednesday, December 31, 2008

on the brink of insanity

first off let me start by saying that i usually don't like to vent on here because i know that this too shall pass, but good god, i am at a breaking point. let me explain...both of my girls are sick.

the grunt has had a severe upper respiratory infection for about 2 weeks now. you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her throughout the day, but early morning and all night, she is just pitiful. she can't breathe and is constantly choking and gaging while trying to spit up all of her phlegm. we took her to the doctor last week where i knew exactly what he was going to say. he said it would last for about 10 days and to do the standard humidifier, nasal spray, suction, and sleep slightly elevated. i hate hearing this because i just wish that there were something more we could do, but at least she has not spiked a fever. thank god. she has been sleeping in the bed with us throughout this time just to be super cautious and keep an eye on her. after every feeding, she projectile vomits everything back up including buckets of phlegm. doc said she'd do this because the milk sits on top of all of it, curdles up, and then has nowhere to go but up. do you know how many times i have washed our bedsheets between the last 2 weeks? poor sweet girl uses a towel over her blanket just to catch the stuff. okay, so on to the next one...

the mabster has now caught this nasty stuff as of this week. now she is the worse because she is older and knows that she is sick. plus, she has been watching baby sister get all of this attention from being sick so she figures she will milk it too. it's kinda funny, every time the grunt coughs, the mabster puts on a show of extreme rounds of fake coughing. the grunt's cough is filled with secretions, but the mabster's is dry. also, the mabster's nose is running like a faucet, and she is not eating nor sleeping. she is extremely irritable which doesn't help my nerves throughout this whole thing either. she did have a low grade fever yesterday morning that was alleviated with some tylenol. i called the doc and he said to bring her in if her temp reaches above 101 so now we're just sitting tight and hoping that it doesn't get to that point. she is super needy, and i don't blame her.

i hate that my babies are sick. guess they finally caught what's been going around. i know they could be 10x worse (and i am grateful that they are not), but these past 2 weeks have felt worse than the first 2 months with a healthy newborn. no sleep at night + no napping during the day = worn out mommy. i wasn't planning on drinking tonight since my liver still hurts from naw'leans, but game on. is it sad that my kids have driven me to drinking!? hehe. the girls are spending the night at lola and pawpaw's house tonight, and we are going over to a friend's house party to celebrate nye. i don't think i have ever been this excited to drink just to blow off some steam. thank you lola for relieving me and always helping me take care of the girls. i am indebted to you always and love you. so HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVERYONE, 2009 is going to be awesome!!


jaydoug said...


you call the past 2 weeks brink? :) you must be in your cups already

Kim said...

LOL, i am. i guess using the term brink is an understatement, eh? but at least we'll get some sleep tonight, right!? see you in about 10 minutes...YOUR cup awaits!! =P

Anonymous said...

awww...poor baby girls! i feel your pain...i went through this before christmas...all 3 of mine were sick...ty went to the doctor twice and poor townley ended up with croup she sounded like a barking seal ericka missed a few days of school and we thought she was better sent her back to school and the nurse called me because she was running fever....but basically they all just had to let it run its course and that seemed to take forever!

i hope everyone gets better soon....and mommy can get some much deserved and needed shut eye!