Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"santa baby..."

today was a crazy busy day, especially for the mabster. it started off with dance class in the morning, then we ate lunch at chappy's (my most favorite place), then the mcwane center for 3 hours (with her tita karmie, lola, and pawpaw), no nap, meeting friends for santa pics at brookwood, and then dinner at cocina superior. again, it was crazy busy, but all around a very good day. thank god jay took half a day for the fun too, or else i'd be in a padded room for the moment. here is a quick family pic of us prepping the girls to meet santa. notice the mabster eyeballing him up and down...she shot him a look and then realized that santa was awesome! there was absolutely no line, and he took a good amount of time to talk with the girls. lil B went to santa first. it was planned this way because we all knew that if she thought the creepy old guy was cool, then the mabster would too. success!! lil B loved him, and then santa told the mabster to sit on his lap too. so she ran up there with her BFF, and together they conspired ways to get what they want from good ole saint nick. it was super cute and funny all at the same time. later santa went to hand lil B a candy cane while she wasn't looking so the smart girl the mabster is grabbed it first. no fear my dear, santa knows what he's doing and quickly gave lil B another one. again, too funny.then the grunt wanted in on her time with santa and big sister too. thank god "stranger anxiety" has not set in with her yet because she was super chill. i think she cooed to santa that the only thing she really wants is for her mommy to get that double stroller. again, we raise some smart girls. lol. overall, seeing santa was perfect. we're going to eat breakfast with him on saturday morning so we really wanted the mabster to "get to know him" first. now when she sees him, i'm sure she will be all smiles.lastly, these pictures were taken on my camera...they are not half as good as the original ones, but i'm too lazy to hook up our scanner. i really like this pic though. i mean it's great for the mere fact that both girls have their eyes open with no signs of panic or distress, and even better, no panties are being flashed (seriously, i was worried about that). we left impressed and satisfied. thank you santa baby!!


Yankee Belle said...

Santa is a brave man. Oh - we should have gotten JayDoug & Mitchelle's pic! Crap - we need to go back!

Blue Momma said...

That santa looks like the one on Miracle on 34th Street. I think we'll go see him, too - if we make it out before Christmas!

Maybe Mark won't work late Friday....

Anonymous said...

great pics! and i'm loving the new santa at brookwood he needed some work but i always go there because the line is always short unlike the galleria...we tried to go there remember the mall doesn't open until 12 and he was at lunch at 1:30 and wouldn't be returning until 3:30...what the hay???

lazy santa!

we are going to brookwood again!


Kim said...

YB, let's go back asap! i'm sure santa would LOVE having two grown men sit on his lap! LOL. they can even wear their matching xmas ties. (not sure if i told you this, but jay has the same exact tie that mitchelle wore at dinner that night.) too funny!

BM, he DOES look like the santa from miracle on 34th street, wow!!

amy, we usually go to the santa at the galleria too, but not this year. a friend said that he was not nice and was skinny. wtf!? i heard that and headed to brookwood...and fast! =P