Thursday, December 11, 2008

thursday's thirteen

1.) have you guys seen venus and jupiter in the dark sky at night yet? hubby points them out to me every time. i must be a goober, but i really am fascinated by them.

2.) why is it that when i don't need chapstick, there are 5 tubes of it sporadically laying around the house. BUT, when i am in desperate need of it, i can't find a single one? isn't it ironic...don'tcha think?

3.) my neighbor's house looks like the griswold's. their christmas decorations could light up a football field better than any kind of stadium lighting. we actually give directions to our house by telling our guests that we live across from the griswold's. no one has gotten lost yet. you may laugh, but it works.

4.) if i really want to purchase something, i wait and wait and wait. sometimes i wait too long and it's gone. then i get pretty bummed out. but sometimes i wait, it goes on sale, or i find something that's even better than what i wanted before. it must be meant to be. these are small victories in itself and totally make that wait worth it.

5.) i want to get the grunt's ears pierced before christmas. she will be 4 months old on saturday so it's the perfect time to do it since she is not fidgety yet. i'm super excited about how pretty she will look. hopefully she will react and not bother them the way her big sis did. that is one of the million things i love about having little girls.

6.) the mabster has decided that she doesn't need a nap lately, and if so, it's an hour's rough. mommy needs that nap. she is like us though...go, go, go!! some times i feel like i am running on fumes, and then the weekends come which allow me to hang loose and rejuvenate. thank god for the weekends!

7.) my hubby makes me laugh daily. he is such a goofball and can find humor in any situation. i love him for that.

8.) i'm going to dinner and a movie with the girls tonight. at bunco, everyone talked about going to see four christmases. i don't mind seeing a good movie twice so i'm game. actually, i just really like having an excuse to get out of the house for some girl time. hubby seems to like having his time with the mabster and grunt without me so it works. it's a win-win situation.

9.) for christmas this year, we have drawn names for both sides of the family. everybody pretty much wants gift cards with an exception here and there. do you know how much easier that has made our shopping this year? drawing names and gift cards? god, i love my family!!

10.) i promised NLD that i'd start going to the gym with her on monday. we're both members of the Y and have been talking about going forever. now that the grunt is of age to be left in the nursery, i'm game. my fat butt needs in there bad. i'm just gonna have to pace myself so that i don't pass out on the treadmill or elliptical machine, wish me luck! =P

11.) we're going to a tacky christmas sweater party this weekend and i am beyond ecstatic about it. the girls are spending the night with lola and pawpaw so we are going to get rowdy. i can't even describe how awesome our outfits are. i'm going to have to charge my camera's battery the night before for this one! lol

12.) the mabster hearts the mcwane center. especially the choo choo train exhibit. i think she has been 4 times in the past 2 weeks. in jay's words, "it's the best damn membership ever and worth every penny!"

and lastly,

13.) my left eye has been twitching lately. think that's a sign of no sleep? probably so...


Amber said...

I love these thursday 13s. And yes, I think the eye twitch is lack of sleep. Used to happen to me all the time when Nathan was little and not sleeping. :-)

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see those tacky christmas sweaters...and jasons turtleneck! LOL!


Kim said...

thanks amber! i'm glad you like them...surprisingly, it's not hard for me to think of 13 random things so i just go with it.

oh, and the eye twitch has disappeared for today. i actually got a nap in since both girls decided to take one AND at the same time. whew, that was much-needed!

Kim said...

you will be the first to be notified when i upload those pics to facebook! jay's turtleneck and sweater vest still make me laugh every time i pass it in the closet...i can pass it off to you guys after the party. i'm sure rob wouldn't mind wearing it one night while he bartends!? i'm thinking BIG TIPS!! ;)