Thursday, December 18, 2008

thursday's thirteen

1.) my mom and dad have a nativity scene in their front yard. the mabster spent the night with them last saturday night, and as we were walking to our car, she screams out, "i want to see jesus!" jay and i paused. we didn't know what to do or say, and then we realized what she was talking about. so we turned around and took her to the nativity scene. now the mabster thinks jesus lives outside lola and pawpaw's house.

2.) tonight i'm going to a pajama "white elephant" christmas party with a bunch of friends. we're suppose to bring a gag gift and it has to be something that we already own. no money, time, or effort is required in the gift. again, i love themed parties, and am quite excited. i am still debating between two gifts that i want to bring. oh, it's going to be gooood...

3.) i am already itching for lake crazy is that? T minus 3 months and counting, and it will be on like a chicken bone!!

4.) the grunt's baptism is coming up in the middle of january...i wonder if the holy water is going to start to boil when i walk through the doors. lol. god help me, sometimes i really miss our weekly visits to church.

5.) i hate when hubby eats all the gum in my car, but still manages to leave the pack inside my console. so when i go to get a piece thinking i still have some left only to open it to an empty box, it drives me crazy.

6.) poodlehead brought my attention to this quote, and i adore it. it is so true, and i see it all the time. "Surround yourself with happy people, because happy friends can make you happy." it feels great to have friends that you can constantly joke around with and who make you so unbelievably comfortable and happy. because after all, laughter is the best medicine.

7.) i love when baby sister wakes up, and the mabster quickly runs to her with kisses on her forehead saying, "good morin shun-shy!" too effin' sweet.

8.) a driver cut me off the other day on the interstate, and it annoyed me so i said out loud, "jesus!" then the mabster said, "jesus is at lola and pawpaw's house. i replied with, "yes. yes, he is." LOL

9.) we're leaving tomorrow morning (kidless), and flying out to new orleans with a bunch of friends for a wedding this weekend. it's going to be sunny with the highs of 76 in december. i think i may be busting out the flip-flops with my dress while staggering along bourbon street. i can't frakkin' wait!!

10.) i agree with nathan on the grow about how exciting it is going to the mailbox during the holiday season and opening up all the christmas cards. i purposely tell jay not to get the mail so that i can get to them first. they are just so darn cute and cheerful.

11.) when the mabster wants me to help her take off her shirt she says, "skin the rabbit mama, skin the rabbit." she learned this from her tita karmie. it cracks me up.

12.) my SIL had her first baby on monday. a sweet baby boy named "douglas noland." we went to go visit our new nephew on tuesday, and he is simply precious. i love me some brand new babies. christmas this year is going to be baby-filled and FUN!

and lastly,

13.) jaydoug has a big presentation today in texas. he is showing a potential client the EMR software that he wrote. i could tell that he was nervous and excited about it when he told me to go out last night and find him a lucky tie to wear. what a goober. good luck my goob!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Jason!!!

hope you guys ahave a super duper time this weekend!

and i'm the same way about the mailbox this time of year...NO ONE is allowed to go the the mailbox but me!!


Kim said...

thanks amy, we had a great weekend. oh, and we loved ya'lls christmas card! thank you, thank you!