Monday, December 8, 2008

want vs. need

today yankee belle and i headed to the galleria for some christmas shopping with the kids. we walked around and ate lunch at the food court where we bumped into poodlehead. we all ate together and chatted about our weekends, facebook pictures, and the upcoming holiday. it was nice. all throughout lunch, the mabster and lil B kept pointing and watching the carousel go round and round. we promised we'd let them ride on the reindeer since they had been so good, and of course you can't tell a kid no at christmas time. so YB went on the carousel with the girls while i stayed with the grunt, and of course, took a picture. here they are in their round and round glory...i was so glad that the mabster actually enjoys riding the carousel now because this time last year, it scared her to death as soon as she saw the animals. luckily, now she can distinguish between reality and fantasy. so after the carousel ride, we continued to do some more shopping. i have been thinking long and hard about what i want for christmas, and i can't come up with anything. so then it hit me like a ton of bricks...what do i want and what do i need? this is it.isn't it lovely? it is a want, but more so a necessity especially when the mabster realizes that she is too tired to walk, and i'm definitely not planning on carrying her! ;) so this is what i want and need. it's the exact same one. YB and i put every aspect of it to the test, and it passed with flying colors. i already want to go back and get it now. i may be a dork over a double stroller, but hot damn, it's something substantial that i want and not just a boring gift card.


Yankee Belle said...

SO i can't coax you into a 3 seater? WHere am I going to sit?!!!

UAB mom said...

haha...oh the joys of being a mom...we want/need strollers for Christmas! :)

Kim said...

YB, you can sit with lyla as long as you wipe her spit up every now and then. :)

and erin, isn't it sad!?! =P

Poodlehead said...

I BROKE my camera right before I met you - that's why the screen was all white. Guess what one of my Christmas presents is now? LOL

But I did get a pic of the daring duo even though I couldn't see what I was taking.