Tuesday, December 23, 2008

welcome out-of-town family!

some family members on jay's side finally arrived into town today. it's tradition for us to celebrate a christmas eve/papa john's birthday dinner the night before christmas so everyone came in early for that. this morning auntie jess came into town. she always stays with us in our downstairs, and we call her room "the suite a la jess." we love when she comes into town because not only do we miss her, but she is the best damn babysitter out there! hehe. seriously, i know that when she stays with us, she will play with the mabster till they are both blue in the face. today, they played with play-doh on the kitchen table...honestly, this was the first time i have opened it for her, and she received it as a gift for her first birthday. i had it stashed away in her closet, but never wanted to get it out and deal with the mess of it in the carpet, blah, blah, blah. but you see auntie jess is a school teacher so she loves reading, doing crafts, etc. with the mabster. it's a win-win. the mabster gets to play with her favorite auntie jess instead of same ole me, and i get to do stuff i've been putting off now that i have an extra hand. i got to reorganize both the mabster and the grunt's closets and pack up the out of season clothes as well as pull from the mabster's old clothes for the grunt. also, i knocked out a couple of loads of laundry as well as washed our bedroom sheets. it felt fabulous to be productive without a toddler yelling at me to give her attention. anyways, so this is the creation that the mabster and auntie jess put together out of play-doh...it's our family. from left to right, it's jay, me, abby, and lyla. notice the grunt's chubby cheeks. too cute! i couldn't help but die laughing when she showed me.but see it didn't end just there. they had to keep going. you could hear the mabster say, "what about brooke?" and then auntie jess got the bright idea to do the mitchelle family as well. all of my family (on both sides) know and love the mitchelles and vice versa. it's really nice actually. i've never had a BFF who's hubby was my hubby's BFF, as well as her little girl being the mabster's BFF. that's a boatload of BFFs i tell ya!! and who knows, maybe the grunt will have a boy toy in their upcoming son? hehe. so auntie jess worked her magic and provided a sculpture of them too. she said they had to put YB's hair in a ponytail because every time she sees her, that's how it is. also, how funny is the little blue bean? love it! little caden will be here soon, and we can't wait to meet him.around 7:30pm that night, jay's uncle ian and family arrived from chicago, il. nan made a spaghetti dinner, and then their kids, trevor and terri, came over to our house to spend the night while uncle ian and aunt sally spent the night at nan's. the mabster got to stay up a little later than usual and hung out with her cousin terri. they had so much fun watching the disney channel and eating popcorn on the couch. the mabster has already fallen in love with terri...she thinks she's great and has made her follow her around the house in circles. jay hung out downstairs with trevor, and they played xbox 360 the whole time. male bonding at it's best. we are so glad that they are here with us for the holidays. it's not every day that we get to see these guys, and we love them. here are some pics.


Yankee Belle said...

we are more like family than BFFs. =) If Mitchelle can lie around in his boxers while watching tv in the man cave, I think we have hit the next level. Tell Auntie J we said Merry Christmas! We love you all!!! xoxo

Kim said...

LOL, family indeed! auntie j said hey back. oh, and everyone LOVED the HF apron ya'll got the mabster. it's too freakin' cute and i can't believe that mitchelle came up with the idea all by himself...looks like i need to write grands another thank you note. i heart the grands. :)