Monday, January 5, 2009

the 1-4 club

yesterday was my older sister, karmie's birthday. as her facebook status states she turned "32, the year of the foo!" well, tonight the family got together and celebrated her special day with a dinner at La Dama Italian Bistro. the restaurant is fairly new to the trussville area, and it was delicious. i've been on a caprese salad kick lately, and it was SO good. the conversation was great as we reminisced about karmie's "dirty thirty" b'day bash at home field a couple of years ago. it was great, and for her benefit (because i know you are reading this), i will not reveal any specific details of that night. instead, here is our group family pic after we all ate at her celebratory birthday dinner.also, i must give a shout out to a dear friend who also reads this blog who shares the same birthday as well. his name is tony, and he is like the brother i never had. he is one crazy cracker, and we love him. i usually wouldn't do this for just anyone, but when i received a text today that questioned where his birthday blog post was, i knew i could not deny him. so here you go tony, happy birthday as well! here is a picture of karmie and tony displaying their "1-4 club" at the tacky christmas sweater party last year. get it? january the 4th. they are so proud of their special day.lastly, i was totally going to upload the video of the mabster singing her infamous "tita karmie" song in honor of her birthday, but i'm not sure what i'm doing, and it's taking for-ev-er to upload. i will make jaydoug fix it for me soon. till then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARMIE AND TONY!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite 1-4 Folk!!!!
~ Karla

Seis said...

I really need to mett this Karmie. I think we might be BFF

Kim said...

seis, i've always thought so too. ya'll remind me of each other on so many levels. don't worry, you will meet her soon!