Saturday, January 31, 2009

still a blur...

my mind has left me after this past weekend. i have no idea how to begin this blog post, much less describe the crazy fun that took place at home field on friday night, the night of jay's 28th birthday bash. i don't remember much except for laughing a ton. bent over, side grabbing, hysterically laughing, F.U.N. therefore, i will try to shed some light on the events throughout the night, but for the most part, i figure i'd let the pictures do most of the talking. the party started at 7:30pm. everyone arrived, some sat down to eat, everyone started to drink, and the whole gang was merry.
once all of the guys arrived, jay started handing out the party favors to them. he surprised all the hubbies with their very own D.L.O.B. t-shirt. ever since i have met these fabulous ladies and attended many functions where the hubbies always had to tag along as well, jay has always jokingly said that he was gonna start his own dad's group were the hubbies would have their own "dad's nights out." i think it's quite fair actually. as much as i go out to dinner, movies, bunco, bars, etc., etc. with the girls, they deserve to have some guy time as well. i guess jay figured that by making a t-shirt, it would make his "man club" official. they are already working on their social calendar. lucky us! =P here's a pic of some of the men with their t-shirts...the night was in full swing now. after everyone made their rounds of saying 'hello' and catching up, it consisted of:
pool playing,
dart throwing,
karaoke singing,
dirty dancing,
shot drinking,
drunk kissing,
loud laughing,
and A LOT of conversating!! take a gander, shall we?...two things i do recall, however, are 1.) when karla maria sang madonna's "like a virgin" to her hubby, tre. it was hilarious and very well done. i think the best though was when tre commented into the microphone, "how come i don't get this at home?" it was great. 2.) when seis and hubby made me follow them out on the dance floor with my camera just so i could get a picture of them dancing beside "loretta." now if you walk into HF and scan through the crowd, you will know exactly who i am talking about. "loretta" is a regular there, and she is a sweet old lady who dresses to the T in a head to toe, bedazzled outfit with awesome bouffant hair. she's awesome. here is a quick pic taken of her from behind. notice her in her bouffant glory...lastly, the bar closed down at 2:00am. like any night full of drunken debauchery, we did what we know best...ate at the awful waffle. we all crammed into one car (which btw, was driven by our pregnant DD who was staying in our man cave for the night), and joined all the other fellow drunks for some breakfast food that we would never eat sober. and why yes, "loretta" was there as well.i don't remember much of the car ride home except that bluedaddy was sprawled out across 3 of us in the backseat while dirty jokes and yelps were flying. it was the perfect ending for a perfect night with perfect friends. thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate. so here's to you, jaydoug...happy 28th birthday! i am blogging this for you now, in hopes that one day looking back, you just might actually remember this night. key word. might.

Friday, January 30, 2009

happy birthday, hubster!!

dearest my dear jay,

you are an amazing husband.
an even better father.
i don't deserve you.
you make me laugh.
you are so incredibly smart and ambitious.
you always make me feel loved and appreciated.
you make beautiful babies.
you "get" me.
my weakness is your strength.
and, i love you with all my heart.

~K (the wifey)

p.s. HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY! now that all the sentimental mush has been said, polish those drinking boots, and let's get our drink on!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

daddy's a clown!

tonight, we had mexican and margaritas for dinner, and then we all headed down to the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus. it's tradition for us to go every year in part of jay's birthday. we bought tickets with yankee belle and her family and all sat beside each other. we had great front row seats, and as soon as we sat down, jay and mitchelle were picked by the clowns to come down to center stage. jay was SO excited. he looked at me with his eyes as big as an 8-year-old's and whispered, "sweetie, i've always wanted to be IN the circus." i laughed, and of course, grabbed my camera immediately. guess those clowns knew it was his birthday. so they bring them down for a game of musical chairs. it was hysterical. jay was so completely enjoying himself and hamming it up with the fellow clowns. after tonight, i honestly think he may have missed his out of the 5 random guys the clowns picked, jay and mitchelle were 2 of them. they played musical chairs until it was narrowed down to 4 contestants. then the clowns made the guys lay across the chairs with their backs across the others knees. mitchelle was there for the finale to pull out the chair that held all of them up. as he did, they were all left still standing but laying back on each other. it looked super cool, and they called it "the invisble reclining chair." it was pretty neat. the crowd applauded them, and they took a bow. job well done guys!the show was full into swing now. the acrobats, dancers, and clowns were coming out of no where. lights were flashing, and the music was pumping. as the elephants came in, the girls got excited. they both started clapping until they got closer...once the elephants were only a feet away, you could hear lil B say "pee-yew, they are smelly!" as i hear yankee belle laughing, i turn to look and see that lil B is holding her nose through her shirt while the mabster is fanning her face. i have never laughed so hard. i'm just glad this head cold has made me lose my sense of smell, that way i did not have to agonize with them.the show was great as always, and we really enjoy watching how much the girls actually "get" it and really love it as they get older. they clapped in unison, pointed at the horses, watched as the clowns got shot out of the huge cannons, and laughed at the dancing woof-woofs in dresses.the mabster's favorite though was watching the tigers. i think we can thank her lola and pawpaw for that and all the conversations about the auburn tigers. her mouth dropped as soon as she saw them and clapped like crazy. too stinkin' cute. did i mention the grunt had a blast as well? she loved all the flashes of the bright lights, and the security lady who stood in front of us could not get enough of her smile. YB told me that if the grunt came up missing, she would know who to look for first. LOLoverall, we all had a great time. it's hard to believe that i had never been to the circus until i met jay almost 10 years ago. now we haven't missed one since. i want my girls to experience different things like this. i want traditions to live on, especially when it brings us all so much joy. oh and yes, i almost forgot to mention...another reason we love the circus is because of the funnel cake and yummy lemonade. totally worth the money in my opinion. the outrageously over-priced flashing toys and cotton candy? not so much. nonetheless, it was a great time indeed!

thursday's thirteen

1.) i'm getting my hair done did today. i didn't even realize how bad my highlights were looking till i pulled it back in a ponytail, and they started halfway down my head. ack! need new 'do...asap.

2.) the other day, i told the mabster that i was tired. then she said that she was tired too. i said, "abby's tired too?" and then she said, "no momma, i'm two and a half!" well then. okay!

3.) i have a new favorite song for the moment. it's The Beatles "Let It Be." it's inspiring and helps me get out of the funk. every girl needs a "go to" song like that one.

4.) we're going to the circus tonight. it's tradition to go every year in celebration of jay's birthday. he is easy to please just as long as he gets his funnel cake. :)

5.) the mabster found my roll of stamps and thought they were stickers. she peeled them off and placed them all over my address book. i had to teach her that those were expensive stickers that only mommy can play with. hopefully, it sank in.

6.) went to the movies last night with a dear friend. after the movie, we talked, and she enlightened me tremendously. it's awesome to have friends who have once been in your position to take advice from. thank you.

7.) the grunt is no longer wheezing and congested. the doc said her bronchitis is completely over with, but now she is showing signs of a slight ear infection in her left ear. now she is on amoxicillin twice a day for 10 days. my poor sweet girl, i hope you get healthy fast.

8.) i am ready to get my drink on for jay's birthday tomorrow night at home field. i already have a play list of songs that i'm dying to karaoke to with the girls, and i'm ready to get tore up from the floor up!! i am in desperate need of it right now. i'm stoked.

9.) i have the worse head cold right now. for the past 3-4 days, i have not been able to hear out of my right ear and just a little in the left. i feel like i am walking around in a bubble. i'm constantly asking people, "say that again?, what?, pardon?" not fun. my taste is gone as well. maybe that's a good thing. jager and i might just get along more than the usual tomorrow night. LOL

10.) the mabster's imagination is running wild right now. she runs every where saying, "the alligator/monster/doggy is going to get me!" then just starts screaming.

11.) my friend is having her "going away" party on saturday night at the kudu. while jay is watching the UFC fight with the guys, i will be wiping tears and passing tissues with the girls...or holding back hair while they hug the porcelain god. i will be there for support because there's no way i can get drunk two nights in a row. no way.

12.) i heart LOST, and nighttime tylenol cold/sinus rocks! best night and sleep i've ever had...

and lastly,

13.) if it weren't for the fact that the mabster absolutely loves her dance class, we'd probably sleep in on gloomy days like yesterday. but early every wednesday morning, she jumps out of her bed and says, "let's get ready!" seeing her that happy and excited is enough motivation in itself. hopefully, she'll be like that for school too.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A"

tonight, karla and i headed to the gym. after reading k-mom's blog, i got super motivated. we've had a family gym membership to the Y for some time now, but only the hubster has really used it. karla and tre are members as well. so we get there, check in, put our stuff up in the locker room, and head to the the work out equipment area. we start shooting the shit while stretching, and then we scoped out the room for two treadmills that were open beside each other. alas, we found some, giggled with glee, and began to start up the machine.

i was pumped. ready to break a sweat. ready to get my blood pumping and feel the burn in my lungs and legs. so like any overly excited newbie, i pump up my speed and intensity and start running. the running turned into jogging. then, i look over at karla who is at slower speed than i am. she laughs at me and tells me to take my time, and get warmed up first. she was definitely always the smarter twinkie, that's for sure. so i lowered my speed level to match hers, and there we were side by side, walking at a fast pace just a chattin' it up. we did this for half an hour. it was good. i broke a sweat. my face now red.

so then we see two elliptical machines beside each other become available. we seized the day. i jumped on mine, karla's on hers, and we start programming it. before i go any further, let me tell you this...

there was this sweet little old guy beside me on an elliptical machine as well. when he was done, he checked to see how many calories he burned. as he was doing it, he turned to us and said, "i wonder how many beers i can drink now with the calories i just burned?" i smiled and said, "hope it's a lot." he looked and said, "200. hmm, i can have a sam adams. or better yet, two bud lights. maybe even 3 pabst extra lights." okay at this point, karla and i both lose it. we are laughing so hard at this silly old man. i don't know what's funnier...the fact that he was really going to drink to counteract what he just burned. or that he really already knew the caloric intake in different brands of beer. classic.

after he left, we continued laughing and the thought "blogworthy" came to mind. i totally needed that. now we are excited about bodyjam, and spin class with the hubbies. jaydoug, i know you are reading this...if you make fun of me while i'm pedaling my little heart out on that bike, i will seriously kick you off of yours. i am totally not going to relive the feelings of you watching me while i played intramural volleyball. fucker. LOL. "you pick the blueberries you like, right?" god i hope so! good times, good times.


high of 68 + gusts of wind + sunshine and giggles = one happy mabster

Monday, January 26, 2009

early onset of OCD?

the mabster has to have everything in straight lines. this is what she does all day long with any and every thing. is this normal, or should i be worried?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

movie review

sunday, jay woke up early to make a tee time with the guys on the golf course at 8:20 that morning. the girls and i stayed in and rested up...thankfully, everyone's sickness has almost passed. it's been a long week so we decided that we both needed a hot date night out together. so we headed to the movie theatre and watched the curious case of benjamin buttons followed by dinner. this move was fan-freakin-tastic. in my opinion, it is a forrest gump in a way. and yes, i consider forrest gump a classic. big fish too. so the movie starts, and every woman in the audience is giggling at every quiet pause of hot young brad pitt. oh sorry, i digress.

the storyline is awesome. it's about benjamin's extraordinary life. he was born an old man who was diagnosed with several aged diseases at birth, thus given little chance of survival. however, he does survive and gets younger with time. i can't even give details or specifics because it was three hours long, and worth every second. i heard to be prepared to get emotional so i walked in with half a roll of toilet paper, and came out with a tiny soaking wet snot ball. i definitely was not pretty, but i didn't care. at this point, who am i honestly trying to impress? he's already seen me look far worse anyway. movies like this play on your heart strings so much more after you have kids of your own. it was a good kinda cry, i definitely needed that. overall, we will definitely be purchasing that one on dvd when it comes out.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

blazer basketball

saturday, uab played rice in basketball at 2:00pm at bartow arena. both the mabster and the grunt have been sick this week so daddy decided to stay in with them while i got out of the house and watched the game with family. karla, tre, carson, and lola all met me there. karla used jay ticket and sat with me considering we had a lot of catching up to do. meanwhile, tre, carson, and lola sat a couple of rows back. it was a good game, but the competition wasn't as tense as i like it. we were winning by a landslide. i don't even remember the final score, but i'm pretty sure ours doubled theirs. nonetheless, it was good just to get out for a bit. here's a pic of karla, lola, carson, and we have found a new fellow blazer fan. her name is gina, and she rocks! for the past couple of home games, we have met up with her to chat during half time and the such. the mabster loves rocco, but unfortunately, she had to stay at home since she was sick. here's a picture of karla with carson, gina with rocco (notice his game day green), and me with my phantom kid. :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

under the hood

here's a picture of the mabster helping daddy convert her crib into toddler bed. she loves it and has overslept in it for the past two days for me!

movie review

last night, i met up with some girlfriends to see the movie, bride wars. jessi recommended seeing it since it appeared to be a cute little chick flick that would get us excited about her upcoming wedding that will be here in less than 3 months. so some of us, bridesmaids, went along with her for a low-key girl's night out.

so we get there a little early, and jessi begins to tell us the news about how she got the job she wanted, but that she'd be leaving to live in pennsylvania within the next two weeks. of course my first initial response was happiness and excitement for her because i know how bad she really wanted that job. it's not every day that opportunities like that come her way so she jumped on it. congrats, jessi!

so the movie starts. it's about two best friends who become dueling bridezillas after they find out that they have to share the same wedding date in order to keep their dream of having a june wedding at the plaza. it's pretty funny, and all around a cute little chick flick. but then it had me thinking...about best friends. about jessi moving miles away from her BFF (talley) who was sitting right beside her. we were all in tears by the end of the movie. i can't explain it really, but it left you feeling grateful for your BFF and all the shit ya'll have ever been through. here is a quote from the movie that i fell in love with since it rings so close to home...

“It was quite a wedding and as I stood there watching I realized something I’d forgotten a long time ago. Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken. Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Maybe you will find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding. But there's also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself is the same person who’s been standing beside you all along.”

if ever i have found a deeper love and respect for my BFFs (ya'll know who you are), it was after seeing this movie. it is SO amazingly true that if you have a serious tight bond with a words, drama, cat fights, or pettiness should ever tear that apart. it's like any good relationship honestly. you will have your ups and downs, but true friendship and love will never die or fade. if it was meant to be then everyone must be willing to work on it. forgive and forget, and then laugh at little once it's over and done with. so here's to BFFs every where. i couldn't imagine walking around this earth without one, and i feel doubly blessed to have 3: jay, karla, and stacy. this may be super sappy, but i love and appreciate you guys more than ya'll will ever know. thank you for being my support system when life gets crazy. XOXO!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) i am so thankful for our garage. it keeps my car warm overnight, and i couldn't imagine having to sit and wait for the inside of it to finally warm up, much more less scrape off the icy dew from the windshield before leaving. maybe i'm just spoiled.

2.) hubby and i were talking the other day about which word we'd like to teach the mabster to say when pertaining to her private part. hubby seems to like saying "who-ha," whereas, i prefer calling it her "coochie." so what do you guys think, coochie or who-ha? =P

3.) these past two weeks have been crazy, busy, and slammed. usually i get one day to chill at home. today's the day. we're not getting out of our pajamas if we don't have to. ahh, it's going to be nice and much-needed.

4.) we're trying to potty train the mabster while we're at home. she will tee-tee in her big girl potty like a champ, but poo-pooing is a different story. the other day, she pooped in her big girl panties while sitting on the floor. it wasn't pretty. at all.

5.) we have a "junk drawer" in our kitchen. when i open it, it makes me feel sane, and i can usually almost always find what i am looking for. kinda weird, huh?

6.) sorry i have slacked with blog posts regarding tags. if you've tagged me, i promise i will follow through any day now. hopefully. but i really do appreciate you guys thinking of me.

7.) the mabster is on a marshmallow kick right now. she requests to eat them every day, and i can't help but laugh at her as she shoves a handful in her mouth at one time. i think she is trying to train herself for future "chubby bunny" competitions.

8.) have you ever slept in a wrong position only to wake up to your body aching all day? i did this a couple of nights ago, and my muscles still feel sore. i tried to force hubby to give me a massage that lasted about 2 minutes until he told me that he'd just buy me one instead. nice. works for me!

9.) i am addicted to my damn laptop. i can't help it. it makes me happy, and in a lot of ways, it is my form of socialization when the weather is too cold to go out in it.

10.) when it comes to cleaning and organizing, if i get a fire lit under my arse, it is in full force. i'm knocking things out from room to room, and it feels SO damn good to get it done. other days, i just live buried in toys. LOL

11.) the grunt is so beautiful when she smiles. her eyes are so unique. they are big and bright with a hint of chinkiness in the corners. that's that 1/4 filipino in her right there, buddy. i love it.

12.) for years, i have found that 2 spots on my back if rubbed, will send me into a frenzy of complete and utter relaxation. the first one is located in between my scapulas, and i call it "my stress pocket." the second one is located where one would get a tramp stamp, and i call it "the spot." hubby knows these areas well.

and lastly,

13.) i am so glad that the AF is gone. i hate when she comes into town, and she was definitely not very nice to me this past month. talk about me being an emotional wreck with cramps and headaches galore. blech. begone biotch! =P

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

and so it begins...

okay, so where shall i start? first off, let me explain that as of yesterday, the mabster has realized how to climb in and out of her crib. we have been worried and wondering when this day would come, and now it is finally here. unfortunately.

well after the mabster's dance class, lunch, and errands, we came home and were exhausted. it was nap time for everyone. we go through the usual routine of laying on the couch while watching the noggin channel in preparation of winding down. the mabster tells me that she's ready to go night-night so i quickly turn the tv off, give her kisses, and let her give baby sister night-night kisses. again, this is routine.

i laid the mabster down in her bed first, turned her monitor on, and closed the door behind me. then, i fed the grunt one last time as she fell fast asleep beside me. we both drifted off. for how long, i'm not even sure. next thing i know, i hear the mabster knocking on my bedroom door, saying, "mommy, i wanna watch dora." for a minute i thought i was the voice is getting louder. i quickly jump up and tend to the mabster before her screaming woke up baby sister. too late. lyla's awake now too. augh.

so i go to turn the tv back on when i noticed something on the wall beside our back door. i gasped loudly followed by a long, drawn out "oh my goodness." then, i turned to look at the mabster, and there she stood with the look of "what happened? i didn't do it." expression on her face. she left the evidence laying right on the floor under her newly marked graffiti. there on the carpet rested a blue sharpie and a pink highlighter.i sat her down, looked her in the eye, and told her that she knew better than to color on the walls. that good girls don't do that sort of thing, and that daddy and santa were going to be VERY upset. then, i sent her to her bedroom for time-out. she ran crying to her room and i let her sit for a few minutes so that she would realize it was wrong. as i go to get her, i walked past the wall in the kitchen, and saw this...good grief, more circles in blue permanent marker. great. then i thought to myself, i wonder if she got creative somewhere else? as i opened the door to her room, my peripheral vision got a hold of something behind her door. i moved the door and noticed that wall number three had been created as well. but on this wall, she went all out...(sigh) i guess when people call this age "the terrible two's," they weren't kidding. i'm just glad the builders left us an extra can of paint that is the same color of the walls. so daddy gets home, sees it, and tries to make a big deal about it without laughing in front of the mabster's face. we find humor in mostly every situation, but we didn't want the mabster to think it was funny for obvious reasons. so daddy got on to her as well, and then started painting the walls while the mabster covered her mouth as if she was saying "uh oh."."uh oh" is right. i confiscated the markers, and then headed to wal-mart for kid's safety locks for the doorknobs. now she will be confined to her bedroom instead of the whole house if i can't immediately get to her after she wakes up. looks like it's time for a real "big girl bed" after all!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

happy birthday mom!

tonight, the family got together to celebrate my mom's birthday while at dinner. my mom has been raving about the restaraunt "fire and ice" that's located in five points. she told us how her and her coworkers love to eat their for lunch all the time, and it is the place she chose to eat at on her special day. it's a bit pricey, but it's an all you can eat with an awesome experience. basically, you head to "the market," grab a bowl, and pick out your meat, vegetables, pasta, and sauces. mix and match, any combination you'd like. then you take your bowl to the grill chef where you watch him cook your selections into a great meal. you can do this repeatedly with many different choices. also, they supply you with warm tortillas, rice, and a free salad bar is included with your meal. here's a picture of the grill chef cooking up our creative masterpieces...furthermore, here is a list of the selections in which you can decide from: sirloin, chicken, turkey, lamb, salmon, calamari, shrimp, scallops, sausage, hamburger, tofu, red onions, green peppers, jalapeƱo peppers, chopped fresh garlic, water chestnuts, broccoli, snow peas, tomatoes, black olives, roasted red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, squash, zucchini. as well as choosing from sauces like zesty pomodoro, sweet chili, fajita, greenberg's teriyaki, alfredo, and honey curry to name a few. it was delicious, and fun to see who came back with what. so after we all ate, mom opened up her presents, and we all sang happy birthday to her. we had a great time just being with family in honor of my mom and her growing age. =P happy birthday mom, we love you more than anything!

Monday, January 19, 2009

"get those sillies out!"

the mabster attended another birthday party over the long weekend, but this one was located at the pump it up in pelham. i think it has been over a year that we have been to this place so we were both really looking forward to it. we were excited to celebrate baby princess's 3rd birthday that was planned by queen B. this place is so much fun. the inflatables are huge, and it's awesome because even the parents get to play on them too and enjoy bouncing around with the kids. i was stoked because last year i was pregnant and super cautious so i never attempted anything. this time? it was on! check out how awesome these inflatables are...also, i was quite impressed with the mabster. she was scaling walls, jumping around, and she even went down the biggest slide ALL. BY. HERSELF. i couldn't believe it. i thought for sure that once she got up there and looked down that she'd turn into the kid who sat all day on the high dive scared to finally jump into the pool. either that, or i'd be calling for seis or k-mom to run up there after her. she really does amaze me more and more every day. my heart swelled up with pride. i love that sweet little munchkin.we played and played for about 2 hours. poor queen b's battery on her camera died so she used mine instead. it was a plus for her, and a plus for me because now i, too, have a copy of all these great pics. here's a picture of all the kids. i think i was in the bathroom when this took place because as i was looking through my camera, i thought to myself, "when did that happen?" nonetheless, it's a cute's what the moms did for the most part after the first hour and a half. we knew the kids were loving it, but boy did it wear us out. oh to have the energy of a toddler! later, we all got called back into a private room for cake and ice cream while baby princess opened up her birthday presents. we had a great time, and i was so thankful that the mabster got to blow off some steam. she had the time of her life which made for one quiet car ride home with both girls passed out in the backseat. ahh, my favorite. to top it all off, it started snowing on the way home which only sealed the deal for a perfect day out. happy birthday baby princess!