Wednesday, January 21, 2009

and so it begins...

okay, so where shall i start? first off, let me explain that as of yesterday, the mabster has realized how to climb in and out of her crib. we have been worried and wondering when this day would come, and now it is finally here. unfortunately.

well after the mabster's dance class, lunch, and errands, we came home and were exhausted. it was nap time for everyone. we go through the usual routine of laying on the couch while watching the noggin channel in preparation of winding down. the mabster tells me that she's ready to go night-night so i quickly turn the tv off, give her kisses, and let her give baby sister night-night kisses. again, this is routine.

i laid the mabster down in her bed first, turned her monitor on, and closed the door behind me. then, i fed the grunt one last time as she fell fast asleep beside me. we both drifted off. for how long, i'm not even sure. next thing i know, i hear the mabster knocking on my bedroom door, saying, "mommy, i wanna watch dora." for a minute i thought i was the voice is getting louder. i quickly jump up and tend to the mabster before her screaming woke up baby sister. too late. lyla's awake now too. augh.

so i go to turn the tv back on when i noticed something on the wall beside our back door. i gasped loudly followed by a long, drawn out "oh my goodness." then, i turned to look at the mabster, and there she stood with the look of "what happened? i didn't do it." expression on her face. she left the evidence laying right on the floor under her newly marked graffiti. there on the carpet rested a blue sharpie and a pink highlighter.i sat her down, looked her in the eye, and told her that she knew better than to color on the walls. that good girls don't do that sort of thing, and that daddy and santa were going to be VERY upset. then, i sent her to her bedroom for time-out. she ran crying to her room and i let her sit for a few minutes so that she would realize it was wrong. as i go to get her, i walked past the wall in the kitchen, and saw this...good grief, more circles in blue permanent marker. great. then i thought to myself, i wonder if she got creative somewhere else? as i opened the door to her room, my peripheral vision got a hold of something behind her door. i moved the door and noticed that wall number three had been created as well. but on this wall, she went all out...(sigh) i guess when people call this age "the terrible two's," they weren't kidding. i'm just glad the builders left us an extra can of paint that is the same color of the walls. so daddy gets home, sees it, and tries to make a big deal about it without laughing in front of the mabster's face. we find humor in mostly every situation, but we didn't want the mabster to think it was funny for obvious reasons. so daddy got on to her as well, and then started painting the walls while the mabster covered her mouth as if she was saying "uh oh."."uh oh" is right. i confiscated the markers, and then headed to wal-mart for kid's safety locks for the doorknobs. now she will be confined to her bedroom instead of the whole house if i can't immediately get to her after she wakes up. looks like it's time for a real "big girl bed" after all!


Hill Family said...

OMGoodness girl! You have quite the artist on your hands :)

Katie & Frank said...

Wow! She was busy wasn't she??

Anonymous said...

FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! Every portrait got better and better - I love it!
PS. Is it bad to say that I would've left the "artwork" in her bedroom behind the door for sentimental reasons???
~ Karla

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! i never laughed so hard! i have tears running down my face!

AWESOME work Abby!!!

sorry mom and dad but she went to town!

love it!


Yankee Belle said...

HOLY HELL! I would have had a nervous breakdown. I still rem the Fred's masterpiece on the couch. I think they are now tied.

Kim said...

i'm glad the mabster has brought everyone such an early grave perhaps. =P

Anonymous said...

just want you to know i had to read this again...and i laughed just has hard this time around too!

i soooo love it!

Poodlehead said...

Holy Sh*T!!! I feel you.

We just turned Chacha's doorknob around backwards so we could lock him in when we needed to.