Tuesday, January 6, 2009

and so it goes

so it did not end there. here is the last statement from tony...looks like i have been given the title of the 1-4 fan club president, yippee skippee!!

Fellow Co-missioner and 1-4 fan club president (Kim)

I humbly bow at the feet of my Co-missioner for the oversight of the importance of January fourth as a day as opposed to just the birthday of our many prestigious members. I present the following as penance for my sins.

Did you know that on January 4th 1923 Vladimir Lenin published his Political Testament calling for the removal of Stalin as the General Secretary of the Communist party? This idea did not go over well so Lenin moved to England where the literal translation of Vladimir is John. He hid in secrecy for many years until he met a young man by the name of Paul McCartney and they decided to form a band called the Beatles. The rest is history.

January fourth is also an important political date. On this day in 2007 Nancy Pelosi was elected speaker of the house and in 1999 Jesse Ventura(of professional wrestling and acting fame-Predator) became the Governor of Minnesota. As you can see, the 1-4 club is a staunch supporter of crazy bitches.

Lastly, and most importantly, on this day in 1854 Captain William McDonald discovered the McDonald Islands. In celebration he decided to open a resaurant called McDonalds. Without his discovery and subsequent celebration, the world would have never experienced such culinary masterpieces as the McRib, McPizza, Arch Deluxe, and the McLean Deluxe.

As you can see, January fourth is so much more than the birthday of two of the most influential people in Birmingham history. It is a day when entrepreneurial spirits thrive, crazy bitches succeed, and inventors invent.

p.s. by the time this is over, we won't have much to work from next year.


Jamie said...

The dueling co-missioners...I haven't laughed this hard in awhile....!!!

jaydoug said...

needless to say, little work was completed today at UAB hospital or Viva health systems :)

Kim said...

seriously, they crack me up! and jay, i thought the same thing...but i bet they will claim they are brilliant multi-taskers who can do it all, thus work was accomplished.

lastly...dude, i use to lurve the arch deluxe! almost forgot about it. thanks tceaz for the remembrance.

karmie said...

i'm off work but even if i wasn't, i can therapeutically communicate while conducting my co-missioner duties. 1-4 clubbers are like that.

Kim said...

indeed karmie, indeed. :)