Saturday, January 17, 2009

arrrgh, yo ho ho!!

saturday, the mabster was invited to a pirate birthday party in honor of her two favorite twin boys. F and H turned 3, and we were going to help them celebrate. the party was held in a local church gym, and it was awesome. the layout was perfect with just the right amount of space for the kids to run around and play. there were bounce houses, a miniature pool filled with balls, and a neato pirate ship that the kids got to play with. the parents? yeah, we enjoyed playing basketball. even preggo yankee belle was shootin' the hoops with the guys. we started playing a game of "H-O-R-S-E," and of course, i walked away being the first "H-O." nice.the mabster had the best time acting like she was a pirate. i thought it was a super cute idea that pirate hats, eye patches, and even hooks were provided for the kids. great job seis, what a hit! even the grunt enjoyed wearing her very own pirate hat. i think i walked around saying, "arrrgh" to everyone including the kids more than a hand full of times, and it wasn't because i was annoyed or pissed. LOL.towards the end, we sang happy birthday to the boys, ate cake (btw, props to blue momma for making an awesome cake. seriously, it looked and tasted fabulous!) then, we watched the kids try to beat open a pirate ship pinata. pinatas are always a favorite of mine at kid's birthday parties. watching the kids crack me up. lastly, the birthday boys opened their presents, and it took about 5 grown men to take down the bounce house. classic. overall, we had a great time, and happy 3rd birthday F and H!!